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Friday Night Lights in Oregon 550


Late Hit Into Bench Requires Explanation

Late Hit Into Bench Requires Explanation

Last week we took on the hit that happened in the Sumner vs Camas Game and touched off a firestorm of social media and fan reactions.  The story Flagrant Hit Underlines Football’s Biggest Problems exposed the lack of knowledge of the rules of the game by officials and the continued “no call” of flagrancy when it comes to the worst offenses like Targeting, spearing, chop blocks, and a myriad of personal fouls.

Friday Night Lights in Oregon 550

The Kamiakin Braves just beat the O’Dea Fighting Irish in an overtime thriller and we celebrate that win and all the great performances in that game.

I must however out of obligation to the players and parents all over the country once again ask for clarification on a late hit that was a total cheap shot that occurred during that game on National TV.  I owe it to the boys named in last weeks stroy to be consistent and while I do not plan to pursue every no call I will call out cases where we can learn and debate these matters.

We are loosing the game folks, numbers are down, long and short term injuries are up, and brain trauma and the effects of these injuries suffered in the game are mounting.  Therefore like it or not we must change the culture and insist that violations of the rules that are designed to protect our players are enforced consistently and across the board.

The Hit in Question happened as a Kamiakin player #20 caught the ball and ran it off the left side.  He was run out of bounds and was engaged late and slammed with aggression into the sideline benches hitting his head and staying down for a few seconds.  He got up but this was flagrant and it did appear intentional.  Flags were thrown for a personal foul but with officials watching the entire play happen there was not so much as even a consult on the matter.

If it were called flagrant #21 for O’Dea would have been ejected or disqualified as they say.

Given what happened last week at the Camas game I felt this was needing to be discussed while this nerve is still raw.  When we are in heated debate as a football community we get our best movement for the athletes playing now and in the future.

Here is the Video- turn your speaker up and listen to this blow.

 Watch it again Slower

This is a FAR WORSE hit in terms of the actual Intent of the player; this is a Flagrant Foul and there is no one reasonable who will debate that.

So why was there no decision to eject the player.  The rules exist to insure we have a safe game and yes they are extreme- they are supposed to be.  Dying and being crippled for life is far more extreme then a player missing a game because he broke the rules.

Again this Week I am just going to ask the WIAA and the officials to clarify to us why this player was not ejected?  This is how we learn and how we move ahead.

What are your thoughts?  Weigh in below in the comments section-

Here is what we copied from the NFHS Rules for 2016-

Illegal Personal Contact –Section 4 – Article 3- b– No player or non player shall; Charge into or throw an opponent to the ground after he is obviously out of play, or after the ball is dead either in or out bounds.

  • Penalty – 15 yards
  • add Disqualification (ejection) if the Foul is deemed to be Flagrant

Later in the Rules-

“Any act if unduly rough or flagrant” shall lead to ejection from the contest.

What is Flagrant?

*Flagrant—a flagrant foul is one so severe or dangerous that player safety is significantly and recklessly compromised. Likewise, an unsportsmanlike violation that is particularly vulgar or persistent may qualify as a flagrant foul as well.  Intent of the player is not an element in these rules.  No intent is needed.

[Note: Either a contact foul or a non-contact foul may qualify as “flagrant.”]

We believe this penalty was Flagrant and this player should have been ejected.  The player took 4 steps after he exited the field as he slammed the offensive player down.  Bottom line.

This follows our discussion of the same matter last week- different hit and place on the field but same topic.  Our officials are not enforcing the rules in these cases because they are afraid to or don’t want to.  They know better.

Let’s all #SaveTheGame before it is too late.

I am the Founder of the Northwest Prep Report. For 17 years I have led the way to the best of my ability to promote the best talent from the Pacific NW free of charge. It is my pleasure to continue to serve High School athletes from all over the Pacific NW and beyond. Formerly with my sites have now crossed over 8,000 stories, 7 MILLION Video Views, and 15,000 regular followers. Together with the best football people in the USA we pursue excellence for our NW athletes.

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