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So we want to share with you all three events coming to the Pacific Northwest that are lining up on 1 weekend that are the Perfect Storm of events for those wanting a shot to shine. These three events represent the biggest and best events held in the past few years and have gained a reputation for really delivering the goods.


Football Super Weekend Hits NW For Collegiate Hopefuls

The preseason is starting with weight rooms and war rooms loading up for the 2012 High School Football.  Part of the annual process is to see where the best opportunities lie for talented kids wanting a shot to stand out and get into swing on the Collegiate recruiting process.  As we have promised we have been posting regular updates on Camp and Clinics that have stood the test of time and that we can recommend for their integrity and value.  Parents and athlete who are new to this process need to be able to sort out the hype events from real events where benefits can be gained.

So we want to share with you all three events coming to the Pacific Northwest that are lining up on 1 weekend that are the Perfect Storm of events for those wanting a shot to shine.  These three events represent the biggest and best events held in the past few years and have gained a reputation for really delivering the goods.

That is why we are calling June 7th-June 9th

Football Super Weekend !

Here are the events and a link to stories and how you can get involved.


 -The #1 Football Event In The Pacific Northwest –

 19 Confirmed College and University Football Staffs Coaching

Northwest ELite Football Camp 405

  Friday :  June 7th-2013

You Do not want to miss this Camp!  Formerly known as the Nike Northwest Elite Camp or the Jason Gesser Camp this has been the grand daddy of camps for kids grades 9-12 who want a chance to shine.

For you Newbies this is a camp run by WSU-CWU QB Cole Morgan and his Partner UPS Wide Receiver Eddie Behringer.

There Are going to be dozens of Major College Coaches At This Camp!  This is the sort of camp we have pointed out to all of you that are the best possible event you can get to.  There are almost NO events of this type in the Nation because these Coaches are only allowed to attend these sort of events very rarely.    Where else will you or your athletes ever have the chance to shine in front of this many colleges at one time?  No where!

NO COMBINE.    This is a Drills and Skills Camp that will last about 3 hours and with 200  kids signed up already  it will certainly fill up!  The camp is known for attracting the Best Talent in the Region and for having an atmosphere for athletes to safely compete  to show their skills.

THERE ARE NO PADS AT THIS CAMP.   Players at this Camp earned scholarships that stemmed from being seen at this event.


To find our more or to Register  Go Here!

Watch the Footage we helped create from 2012 where 725 kids came and battled it out. This event was amazing! We hope to see you all at this Camp!



June 8th-2013:  Tigard High Schoool

For Those of you wanting to attend a Combine where you can represent your best skills and be scored reliably you will want to attend this FREE Event.

Nike and SPARQ are amazing with what they do.  While we have said that Combines are typically used as Get-Rich-Quick events for promoters this one is rated 5 stars for safety, cost (free), Value, and for the ability to help and athlete understand where he rates in the National Scene with the other premier athletes who are trying to earn that College Scholarship.

This is a FREE Event, Does Not Require an Invite, is Fun, and includes all of the Nike SPARQ Testing events, an official certified SPARQ Rating, and a place to increase your knowledge and skills with the Nike-SPARQ Staff which includes many of the best trainers and former players in the Nation.  ALERT:  This is a Major Media Opportunity. and ESPN HS will be attending this event and this is where many of last years hottest recruits first were seen.

Invites to Nike’s Mega Event “The Opening” have been made to some of those in the Nation who have proven to be the best athletes at these events.  Your scores can be scratched, you get some cool free gear, and this is a great team building event!

All The INFO You Need is right here with a link to the registration Page


June 9th, 2013:  The University of Oregon

Nike Football Training Camp

The Premier Camp of the Year

One of only 8 such events in the Nation this camp is the only Camp that NIKE Runs at a College Campus under the new NCAA guidelines.  There is NO COMBINE at these events.  The Oregon Coaches may or may not be there.  But the staff from NIKE FOOTBALL will be!  So will almost every major Media Outlet!

300-400 Invited Athletes who are considered the top athletes in the Class of 2014 and 2015 will be there and there are always a good number of walk ups coming to show their skills.

The Camp works the athletes in warm ups, SPEED AGILITY QUICKNESS, and then Skills and Drills.  There are showcase match ups often called “1 on 1’s” and those highlight the best of the best battling it out.  This is a significant camp.  Perhaps still considered the Pinnacle of any Non-College camp that an athlete can get too.


Nike Football Training Camps


Spring and Summer Football comes and goes quick.  With a lot of athletes going off to Team Camp these three events are at a perfect time and at easy to get to locations for any NW Athlete to attend.  In Fact athletes from Canada and State’s beyond are coming out.

Hit One- Hit Two-Hit Three.  Anyway you slice it June 7th – June 9th is HS Football’s Super Weekend, and will have analysts and Video-Photo staff at all of these and we will be looking forward to seeing you!

Please let us know if your in attendance as we will look forward to meeting you!

 football sw 2013

I am the Founder of the Northwest Prep Report. For 17 years I have led the way to the best of my ability to promote the best talent from the Pacific NW free of charge. It is my pleasure to continue to serve High School athletes from all over the Pacific NW and beyond. Formerly with my sites have now crossed over 8,000 stories, 7 MILLION Video Views, and 15,000 regular followers. Together with the best football people in the USA we pursue excellence for our NW athletes.

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