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May Madness MVP’s A Window Into The Future

May Madness MVP’s A Window Into The Future

Tracy Ford and his Ford Sports Performance Group put on the second annual May Madness today and it was loaded with talent.  There are a lot of great prospects in the NW as any of you reading our articles know by now; safe to say a good percentage of them were at the event today in Tukwilla, Washington.


The invite only event was aimed at getting the best of the best in the view of the camp director together for a non-padded camp.  At the end of the event MVP’s were named after some great performances.  Winners today include:


Offensive Line

Brock Wellsfry – 2017 Hanford High School (WA)- Film link

Charlie Baumann- 2018 – Newport High (WA)- Film link

Brian Greene – 2017- Eishenhower High (WA) – Film link


Defensive Line MVP

Xavier Banner – 2017 – Lakes High (WA) – Film Link

Matthew Gotel – 2017 – Lakes High (WA) – Film Link

Jesus Echevarria – 2018- Arch Bishop Murphy (WA) – Film Link


Top Defensive Backs

Salvon David Ahmed – 2017 – Juanita (WA) – Film link

Anfernee Gurley – 2017 – Arch Bishop Murphy (WA) Film link

Darreon Moore – 2017 – Kamiakin (WA)  Film link


Top Tight Ends

Ben Moos – 2018 –  Pullman HS (WA)   Film link

Cade Otton – 2017 – Tumwater HS (WA) Film link

Jarrell Anderson – 2018- Bethel HS (WA) –  Film link


Top Linebackers

JJ Jerome – 2017 – Monroe HS (WA) Film Link

Cale Lindsay – 2017 – Lakes HS (WA) Film Link

Taj Hoard – 2017 – Gonzaga Prep (WA) – Film Link 


Top Running Backs

Connor Wedington – 2017 -Sumner HS (WA) – Film Link

Alex Indelicato – 2017 – Kamiak HS (WA) Film Link

Jamon Chambers – 2017 – Stadium HS (WA) Film Link



Top Wide-receivers

Andrew Boston – 2017- Emerald Ridge (WA) – Film Link

Josh Johnston -2017-  Snohomish HS (WA) – Film Link

Hunter Eckstrom – 2017-  Lake Stevens (WA) Film Link


Top Quarterbacks 

Jacob Sirmon -2018-  Bothell HS (WA) Film Link

Connor Neville – 2017- Wilsonville (WA) Film Link

Hunter Wendling – 2018 – Stadium (WA) Film Link


 May Madness MVP’s A Window Into The Future

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