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Mt. Si’s Josh Mitchell Goes Big With First D-1 Offer

Mt. Si’s Josh Mitchell Goes Big With First D-1 Offer

The Spring continues and so do the offers. This time it is a hard working athlete from Mt Si in Snoqualmie, Washington. Josh Mitchell recently became the State Heavy weight wretling champ as well but it is on the football field where he will shine. We caught up with the bug fella today to share in his news.

“Today Coach Mike Riley offered me a full ride to play for the Oregon State Beavers after High School,” said Mitchell excitedly. “This is a great day for me.”

Oregon State has been monitoring Josh for a while. He now stands 6’3 3/4″ and is 275 pounds and adding muscle for football season.

His recent visit to the Spring game in Corvallis gave him a good taste of the campus and the town of Corvallis.

“I love it there. Both the school and the football program are great and it is a really nice town,” he added.

He called Riley at OSU today at lunch in response to a message that was given to him by his Head Coach. That led to a short conversation and an offer for him to be a Beaver.

How is that looking at this point?

“They are high on my list. I need to think this through and give some time for a few other schools but I could see my self playing and attending school at OSU!”

Washington, Washington State, and a few other schools have been in discussions and contact with him as well.

He has terrific balance and feet and as a heavyweight he of course is an above average hand fighter. Those are all attributes of a great Defensive Tackle and wrestlers are often deployed that way.

Having said that OSU is looking at Josh as a Center or Guard.

“Those are the positions I am being looked to fill by most schools speaking to me. The skills I have help me on both sides of the ball but I really do like the O’line,” concluded Josh stating he thinks very highly of Beavers Head Offensive Line Coach Mike Cavanaugh.

Right now he is maintaining his 6 days a week of running and lifting and looks amazing. Hard work is his trademark for sure.

“I may attend one more camp and then just train and get ready for the season. The offer from OSU is going to help me focus on my team and it will allow me to do more of that and less traveling to other football events.”

We should see these other schools move on him if they are serious about getting him. Evening up and getting follow up offers is often what comes out after that first offer.

Josh Mitchell got his today.

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