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One of those is coming up in a couple of weeks over at Parkrose High School in Portland, Oregon and should be a terrific event as it is sponsored by the NFL, there will be college coaches there, and it will be FREE!


We keep all the info coming in for the best Camps of the Year in the Pacific Northwest.  And we want to remind all of you and our visitors to check in on these at our Camps Link .  One of those is coming up in a couple of weeks over at Parkrose High School in Portland, Oregon and should be a terrific event as it is sponsored by the NFL, there will be college coaches there, and it will be FREE!

Wow!  That is how we like them.  So get on the phone and net and get registered for this terrific developmental camp!


We track the best Football Camps you can attend right here at NWPR and try to sort out those that will help you versus those that will not.   Today we bring you news of a FREE CAMP that the NFL will be offering here in Portland for next years 9th through 12th graders.  We caught up to the Camp Manager, Coach Eric Jackson, to get all the details.  After all having that NFL Shield and a Free Camp we have to get the word out on this one!

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May 20th – May 24th  Parkrose High School



Coach tell us a little bit about this NFL Camp.  Why is the NFL doing the camp and what can kids expect to learn who attend?

Dirk, the NFL, has been running it’s Player Development camps all over the country but the East coast has had more exposure.  The NFL, and it’s sponsor the National Guard, have Player Development camps to address the challenges facing high school football programs across the country.  The camp begins with a character development phase, just like the NFL’s rookie symposium.  Various topics are covered from NCAA requirements, concussion safety, social media, time management and excellence in their communities.  Obviously there is the athletic skill development after the first day.  I would expect a athlete would gain a lot of information and be the catalytic agent at his/her school to enhance their program.

Who will be Coaching the kids?   

Because of the Oregon HS rule of two, Oregon HS coaches can’t coach at the camp but we have recruited some fine coaches from the area.  Coach Chris Casey and his staff from George Fox, Coach Sulages from Lewis and Clark and his group,  Phil Rombach from Linfield,  Stacy Collins( former PSU special teams coord) is coming back to help,  John Charles ,  Damon Griffin,  Torey Hunter ( former E.Wash and Idaho coach), to say the least.  Great mentors, detailed coaches that will improve each athlete’s skill level.

The camp is Free– that is pretty great!  How did you yourself get involved in this Camp and what are some goals you have for the first year of the event?

 The best thing about the camp,  IT’S FREE, and the athletes get plenty of Nike gear.  Athlete’s need to register now because we don’t have a ton of space.  Parkrose HS in particular, Athletic Director Dave Richardson, have done a great job prepping for this event.
Goals:  We want to give back to our community.  Have the athlete feel they have learned something they can take back to their school.  We want ENERGY! This is PORTLAND!  We want a very positive camp that suggests the NFL should be here every year.
When an athlete leaves this Camp what would you expect for them to leave knowing that they might not have known on the way in the door?
Anytime you have the NFL and National Guard behind a program, you’re going to get a first class event.  From the character development which I said is a mini rookie symposium, getting QUESTIONS ANSWERED from NCAA eligibility, recruiting, leadership, social media,the information is priceless.   Each athlete is given a NFL daily planner, therefore the methods of time management they learn can be applied everyday.
The on the field coaching and the community strengthening events we will have with the National Guard will give a sense of pride.  But the quality of the coaching, and the emphasis on techniques, that will make allow you to become more competitive and success is key.  Answering why I need to open my hips, why I need to run the proper way, why is balance and posture important.  And the fact this is covered over four nights will make these athletes better.
Thanks Coach-  Wow the kids will get NFL level instruction, Free stuff, have College Coaches Present and guys like you and all these former NFL and College guys there too!  It’s a no brainer.



This camp is FREE for all current 8th-11th graders.  Spots are limited and registration closes May 13th.

To register, each participant must fill out the following:


  1. HSPD Participant Release and Waiver Form (with    parent/guardian signature)


  1. HSPD Participant Medical Form (with parent/guardian signature, doctor’s signature, and doctor’s stamp of approval)


A copy of the participant’s physical from this past season with doctor’s signature and stamp of approval


  1. HSPD Participant Information Form

To obtain these documents and register, please contact Site Manager Eric Jackson.


To register for this camp and learn more, please go to and click on theNFLHSPD link.

Eric Jackson



May 20th – May 24th



Parkrose High School

Parkrose, OR

For more information about this camp or NFL’s HSPD program, please visit our website:


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