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NW Best Dominate As Best Testing At THE OPENING

NW Best Dominate As Best Testing At THE OPENING

Nike’s “The Opening” is in full swing today with High School football taking center stage at the world campus in Beaverton, Oregon.  The best athletes and football recruits in the USA are at the invite only event being treated like rock stars this weekend.  The SPARQ Championships are going down and this tests the best athletes in the country at events that include the laser timed 40 yard dash, the power ball toss, the 20 yard pro agility shuttle, and the vertical jump.

We know we have great athletes here in the NW.  But we continue to hear that our best just do not quite measure up to the “real talent” from Texas, Florida, California and beyond?

Well today critics were silenced and mouths were shut by the actions of the best of the NW. Three events saw athletes from the NW take home top prize.

Check it out:

Connor Wedington of Sumner HS – Takes Home the #1 in the Nation fastest Shuttle at 3.87 Seconds!

Connor Wedington Sumner HIgh School


Salvon David Ahmed of Juanita HS (WA) blew up the Laser Timers with a #1 4.32 second 40 which makes him faster then all but 1 guy at the NFL Combine in 2016.

Salvin David Ahmed

Hunter Bryant of Eastside Catholic (WA) launched the Power Ball 51 Feet 5 Inches to take #1 at The Opening.

Hunter Bryant z

Look here folks.  This is 3 #1’s in the Nation and EVERY MAJOR RECRUIT IN THE US IS THERE!

We may be a small region but we are mighty.  We are now respected where once we were not.

The Pacific NW has much to be proud of and now these 3 prove we are #1 as a Region.  Face it- we are! 😉

Kudo’s to Tracy Ford for his role in being involved in the training of these fine athletes.


Marlon Tuipolutu

Marlon Tuipolutu of Central High School in Oregon is committed to play in the US Army All American Game and a UW Husky Commit.  He will lead the D-line at the Opening!



Elijah Molden of West Linn (OR) will lead his team at The Opening no doubt. He is one of the best in the West!


Foster Sarrell Looks Amazing!

Foster Sarrel is the #1 Offensive Tackle in the USA and he will showcase his skills this week against the Nation’s best D-Line!


This all makes me particularly proud.  We have been disregarded and be-littled as a Region.  I started writing 13 years ago to help grow our NW brand and want to say I am happy to have been a part of this rise to prominence.  Guys like Chris Fetters at and Brandon Huffman at have been a huge help too.  To date with and I have posted over 7,000 stories with film and analysis on our best.  These guys are the best we have this year but they represent the overall brand we produce of talent.

Our NW kids are quality guys.  Good students.  Good people.  And today the big boys from the big States got a taste of what #1 looks like and where it comes from!  We are extremely proud- all of us as a NW Football Family- of all of you boys tonight!




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