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NWPR Stories Help Launch Kids Like MJ Ale To Offers

NWPR Stories Help Launch Kids Like MJ Ale To Offers

NWPR Stories Help Launch Kids Like MJ Ale To Offers    It’s been years now we have been covering the top NW Athletes.  There are very few who make it to the highest level that we have not covered and in many times we cover them first.  The reasons for that are many but mainly it is because we have a focus on getting the best up coming athletes a mention to help them rise.  Many is the athlete who has been introduced to our 6.000 Facebook followers, our near 4,000 Twitter followers , and our thousands of loyal readers.  Many of those readers are coaches at all levels who have mined gold on our website before and come back again and again.

MJ Ale Fife High School Football

We ask all of you to send us your film and your stories.  This will help us to help you.  Not just parents and athletes can connect here but Coaches can too.  We will take that information and review it and if it is the real deal we will investigate and publish our findings.

As a Coach I always had a good eye and looked for things in athletes others did not see.  Past the size or obvious skill and to the heart and motives of a player is where I look.  If we cover an athlete it means we believe in him and will amplify the him with our readership.  In many ways the NWPR platform helps because of the size of the footprint we have.  When we do a story on a kid it can be very much like us dropping a pebble in the pond.  The ripple effect of a story is the most effective thing.  Competitors copy our lists and stoies and often will contact the athletes right after we cover them seeking and interviews or follow up as well.

Let me give you an example.  In early September of 2016 Coach Kent Nevin out of Fife HS emailed me that he needed help with a young man that he felt was a D1 caliber linemen.  MJ Ale was a big agile transfer from Australia and Neving sent us his film asking us to cover him if we agreed he had the right stuff.

We watched MJ Ale’s film and withing minutes were covering his story.  A few days later the calls picked up and Utah made a move and offered him.  I than wrote a story indicating that he was going to be the next big thing.  Read That story here –

7 months later and MJ now has is 9th major offer.  The UW just posted an offer to him and the 6’6″- 320 lb offensive linemen now has 9 majors.  Folks that is just outstanding and truly he is becoming what his Coach and others saw, an All American.  He has been nominated to play in the prestigious Polynesian All American Bowl after his Senior year and will likely end up at a 30 plus offer recruitment.  At this point there is no school that he could not play for.

It is stories like this young mans that keep me coming back again and again.  So send us your best Hudl film and information and we will give it a look. You don’t pay us so give us time.  But we are interested in you too!

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