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Offensive Linemen Rise At RDAF College Showcase

Offensive Linemen Rise At RDAF College Showcase

Today in our continuing coverage of the RDAF College Football Showcase that we had last weekend the Offensive Linemen take Center Stage.  It was not a huge group in terms of numbers but the best came to compete and showcase their skills in front of the Colleges in attendance.  Below you will find analysis of some of the best and a nice photo album to go with it.  Also our Youtube films of the 1-1 Battles which are a lot of fun to watch:

RDAF All Camp Offensive Linemen

Tobe Okafor - 2016 - Central Catholic

Tobe Okafor – 2016 – Central Catholic- 6’5″ – 285 lbs Film 

Tobe Okafor was the most complete O-linemen there for size and technique and that is why many of us believe he is the premier 2016 – O Linemen. He has about 10 offers – 4 Pac 12’s – and landed BYU at camp! Here is a guy that shows Up and show Out! Fun to watch the best compete and he gave his all too!

Korbin Sorenson

Korbin Sorenson – Kamiakin (WA) 2016- 6’6″- 280 lbs  FILM

Sorenson is in the same skill set as Okafor.  He is Big- Long- Fast- and can bend.  He holds one offer as of today but after this Camp and with a year left he will go all the way in our View.  Look for the entire Pac 12 to come calling and schools like Michigan and Wisconsin will likely be in the mix too.  He has work to do like all these kids but Man does he look good right now!

Cody Kanouse

Cody Kanouse – 2017 – Peninsula (WA) – 6’7″- 305 lbs FILM

Cody will have more offers then he can count in 1 year.  Whoever goes first could make am indelible mark-  it is hard to imagine the UW not grabbing he and Sorenson now if they can- they should offer both.  Kanouse is sort of the “bad ass” of the bunch and I mean that in a good way.  Offensive linemen are naturally gentle giants as no one ever dares cross their shadows.  They get fired up in the heat of battle but off the field are quite agreeable.  Kanouse has a little edge and you might not want to say the wrong things to him- this come out on the field even more so.  He is massive, athletic, and starting to shape his still young frame into something great!  He had another stellar camp!

Josh Watson

Joshua Watson (2016)- Cascade HS – 6-5″- 275 lbs-  Film

Josh came in and blew up his reps.  He looked smooth, fluid, and like a collegiate level talent- which by the way he most certainly is!  josh was offered by WSU this week and selected them over others as the school of his choice.  He loves Pullman and is moving on to play there at the next level after his Senior season!

Conner Crist

Conner Crist (2016) Tigard HS (OR) 6’3.5″- 300 lbs FILM

Conner is with Okafor in the Oregon premier linemen group.  He was so accomplished by the end of his 10th grade season he may have tabled off a bit last year.  Like any true champion he has had an amazing off season, he is healthy, and his skill has shown up big time.  He took more reps then anyone and dished out more then he got!  He holds 4 offers and is still looking for that Pac 12-  as a Center or String Guard this guy can be the mauler and power linemen as well as a leader that any team needs.  Loved his performance at the #RDAF Camp.

Anouson Keobounnam

Anouson Keobounnam – (2016) – Cebtennial HS (OR)  6’4″- 285 lbs – Film

This young man showed up at the wrong time slot – not his fault- and was worked out by several of the schools privately.  He is fast, string, tough, and by the end of the workout had showed why he is one of the hottest recruits in the NW!  We will be watching him all season and believe him to be a top recruit at the O-line spot.

Erik Lukner

Erik Lukner- (2016)- Sedro-Wooley (WA) – 6’3″- 295 Film

Lukner has been on the rise but his technique has been raw-  he is barrel chested but has struggled at times to use his hands to his advantage.  That all changed at the #RDAF camp as some careful corrections by some of the college staff in attendance had Erik punching his hands with a snap and making his presence known.  If he keeps striking like this with his bulldozer strength he has a huge upside.  Probably a Center but what a great spot for a kid like this.  College football is surely in his future.

Derek McMurray

Derek McMurray – (2016)- Tigard (OR)- 6’7″- 340 lbs- Film

Derek was plagued by injury last season but has shown incredible resilience.  Coaches in attendance were awed by his size as his proportions are truly big!  He showed mobility, toughness, and competed well in all the 1-1.  This young man will be a strong-side tackle and has continued to improve his conditioning and strength.  1 year in a collegiate weight room and this guy goes all the way!  He will move on to college as well!

Elijiah Lugo

Elijiah-Lugo – (2016)- Graham-Kapowsin(WA)- 6’4″- 280 lbs   FILM

Lugo is fast on his feet and can block very well.  He is a solid pass blocker and on run schemes he gives you the guy that can trap, pull, and lead block to 2nd and 3rd level.  A tireless worker and true talent in the trenches.

Scott McIvor-Garman

Scott McIvor-Garman- (2016) – Sehome (WA) 6’5″- 260 lbs –  Film

Scott has gone from a guy with little exposure to a household name in the NW as a result of getting to the right set of events.  He is so strong and so fast- yet his frame is lean at 260 lbs.  This is a 285 lb fast moving offensive guard or quick tackle at the next level and his long arms and attitude will propel him forward.  The Big Sky schools will be all over this guy and he could go higher.  He has a lot of upside!

Hunter Grade

Hunter Grade – (2016)- Richland (WA) – 6’3″- 260 lbs  Film

Hunter looked good again at Camp.  He blocks well and competes truly hard- he is a scrapper and won’t take a rep off which we loved.  An accomplished linemen with upside to move on and play in college.

Jacob Kauhane

Jacob Kauhane – (2016) – Thomas Jefferson HS (WA) – 6’3″- 300 lbs-  Film

Jacob wowed me at camp – 2nd time I have seen him.  He is so tough and has great natural ability.  As he continues on his path playing into and through his Senior season we will be watching- his film is good and he won most all his reps at camp!

Nick Blair

Nick Blair – (2016)- Everett (WA) – 6’7″- 340 lbs – Film

Blair is massive and look at that baby Face!  It is a good thing – when he takes off into full blown man child it will be a site to see.  He has improved a lot and is natural in his movement and bends well.  These are things colleges love and no doubt many in attendance were putting stars by his name.  His film is solid and like most recruits his performance and film from early in the year will be a determining factor as to the level he moves on to.

William Ortner

William Ortner – (2016)- Hockinson HS (WA) – 6’5″- 280 lbs – Film

William came into camp unknown to us and left with respect of all.  A solid kid and athletic- he moved well, blocked well, was not intimidated and made a case in front of the colleges.  Another guy now on our radar and we want to see more film in the future.

Isikeli Langi

Isikeli Langi – (2016)- Kalani HS (HI) – 6’0″ – 280 lbs Film

From the great State of Hawaii this young man came and went to the finals of the 1-1 battles.  He was solid all day and won almost all his reps with technique and toughness.  His stature may keep him off a big time schools field but who cares-  he is a player if he keeps working this hard and was a nice addition to the camp!

JT Meier

JT Meier (2016)- Kentridge HS (WA) –

In the category of “Junk Yard Dog” was this kid-  a bad guy to get on the wrong side of; JT blocked well all day and took no issue with pasting anyone that crossed him.

There were more worthy linemen to mention- but this is the group for today we want to identify for our readers and Coaches to follow.

Check below for film of the Linemen 1-1’s and keep checking Back with us daily for more coverage




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