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Oregon NIKE Football Training Camp (NFTC) A Total Success in 2011

Oregon NIKE Football Training Camp (NFTC) A Total Success in 2011

It was a great camp on Sunday that Nike brought to Eugene as the NFTC made it’s annual stop in Eugene.  It was the 7th of 8 NFTC Camps.  These are typically the best of the best camps and there was no exception.  This was a superb group.  So after 7 hours of watching, shooting film, and taking notes our own Dirk Knudsen and Jordan Johnson decided it was time to go deeper.  After breaking down film and looking over everything we have come up with our All Oregon NIKE NFTC Camp Awards.  Without further adieu here are the guys that shined the very most out of a loaded group of almost 350 kids.


QB  Alex Matthews  6-3 200   Lake O.. 12′       MVP QB
RB  Jordan Visarraga 5-11 170  Willamette..12′  *
RB  Cristian Morris 6-0 180  Sherwood..13′
SB   Steven Long  5-7 170  Lake O..12′
ATH  Brenden Shaffer  6-2 190 West Salem..12′
WR   Adam Winterling  6-4 200  Jesuit..12′
WR   Blair Cavanaugh  5-9 165  Corvallis..12′
TE    Marcel Frazier  6-5 215  David Douglas..12′
TE   Bryson Sullivan 6-4 240  Aloha..13′
OL   Carl Kreitzberg  6-4 270 West Salem..12′   *  MVP O LINE

OL   Isaac Seumalo  6-3 280 Corvallis..12′  **
OL   Evan Voeller  6-5 295  West Linn..13′  **
OL   Brayden Kearsley 6-5 270  Aloha..13′  **
DL   Isaac Seumalo  6-3 280  Corvallis..12′ **   MVP  D LINE
DL   Lochlin Deeks  6-4 255  West Salem..12′  *
DL   Jacob Nall  6-4 230  Central Catholic..12′  **
DL   Austin Powell  6-4 280  Crescent Valley..12′
DL   Tyrone Homes  6-4 235  Eagle Point..12′  **
LB   Dawson Housley  6-3 215 Sheldon..12′  *  MVP  LB
LB   Sam McCaskill  6-3 230  Sheldon..12′  *
LB   Evan Colorito  6-3 210  Beaverton…13′
LB   Grant Taylor  6-2 220  Lake Oswego..12′
LB   Anthony Davis 6-2 230  North Salem..12′
DB   Ershad Mahmood 5-11 165 Beaverton..12′
DB   Brandon Blackshear 6-0 180  Sherwood..12′



QB  Reece Hack 6-3 195 Stayton..12′
QB  Tom Knecht 6-4 195 Lakeridge..12′
QB  AJ Woodin 5-10 175 Southridge..14′
QB  Zach Abney 6-1 190  Parkrose..12′
QB  Deven Jackson 6-1 170 Jefferson..13′
RB  AJ Glass 6-1 190  Jesuit..12′
RB  Jaima Halliburton 6-1 200 Jesuit..12′
SB  Manu Rasmussen 5-11 155 Tigard..14′
TE  Hayden Craig 6-3 245  Dayton..12′
WR Austin Baird 5-11 170  Marist..13′
WR Ray Burney 5-11 180 Jefferson..12′
WR Stevie Coury 5-10 165 Lake O..12′
WR Mark Retzlaff  6-2 190  S.medford..12′
WR Torey Rogness 6-3 190  Silverton..12′
WR Jordan Morgan  6-2 175  Southridge..14′
OL  Jarrad Schulte  6-4 280  Tigard..12′

DL  Matt Sommer 6-4 285  West Salem..13′
DL  Andrew Kirkland  6-4 270  Jesuit..13′
DL  Turner Young  5-11 240  Lake oswego..12′
DL  John Treloggen 6-3 265  Gresham..12′
DL  Kameron Canaday  6-4 245  Sheldon..12′
LB  Zach Walen  6-3 200  Lake Oswego..12′
LB  Ibrahim Halirou  6-1 220  Centennial..13′
LB  James Banks  6-1 200  South Eugene..13′
LB  Dustin Spencer 6-2 210  Sandy..12′
LB  Mitch Lomax  6-3 230  Lake Oswego..13′

LB  Neil Wagner  6-2 210  Lake Oswego..13′
DB  Randy Salsedo  5-10 170  Beaverton..12′
DB  Nick Highberger  6-2 185  Wilsonville..13′
DB  Drew Demarco  5-9 165  Jesuit..12′
DB  Benny Wick 5-9 180  Tigard..13′


Further Analysis of Camp Standouts

QUARTERBACKS- Alex Matthews of Lake Oswego showed why he is ranked one of the state’s top QB’s winning MVP honors. He looked fluid and smooth and continues to impress on the camp circuit. Reece Hack of Stayton continues to make noise and is hearing from a variety of schools…Young gun AJ Woodin of Southridge had a near flawless day and should be considered one of the top young QB’s in the state.
RUNNING BACKS–  Jordan Visarraga of Willamette had a huge day showing off his 4.45 speed, and Christian Morris of Sherwood showed why the Bowmen have one of the best backs statewide. The kid will only be a junior, scoring 12 Td’s as a sophomore backing up Michael Balfour and Steven Long.  AJ Glass and Jaima Halliburton will provide one of the most dangerous 1-2 punches in Oregon running behind the Crusaders massive line. Glass is considered one of the Top Jr’s in the state.   JJ Fisher of LaSalle continues to impress again and again! 
SLOT BACKS- Steven Long of now Lake Oswego is flat out powerful and could be what the Lakers need to get over the hump. Manu Rasmussen was labeled “the technician” by the NIKE Coaches and left defenders hugging air on multiple occasions. He will be a phenomenal athlete at Tigard and start as a Sophomore.
WIDE RECEIVERS- Adam Winterling of Jesuit looks flat out “sick” and should be on D1 radars..He’s extremely smart and has the ability to use his size to dominate opponents. Blair Cavanaugh of Corvallis had a big day and showed that he can play with anybody. Austin Baird of Marist comes back after a 20 Touchdown Sophomore year and should be a lethal combo with highly ranked Taylor Walcott.  Ray Burney could be a difference maker at Jeff and has tested very well.  Another standout making tow great highlight film catches was Oregon City WR Trevor Dye who looks better and better all the time.

TIGHT ENDS– Bryson Sullivan is one of the best tight ends in the state and two way all star for Aloha.  He is a big time D1 Recruit and will just get better.  Marcel Frazier out of David Douglas looked outstanding and has a variety of D1 schools taking significant interest.


OLINE- 4 D1 Lineman stood out on the line and Carl Kreitzberg took home MVP honors over 5 time NFTC MVP Isaac Seumalowho took home the Defensive award.  Evan Voeller got back on track after an up and down NUC, and is still considered one of the better lineman in the country.  He currently holds multiple PAC 10 offers and will only be a junior.  Brayden Kearsley was a first team all state kid out of Aloha as a sophomore and has recently committed to BYU.
DLINE- Seumalo is sitting on 10 major offers and is considered the #1 ranked player in the state. He wins MVP honors again.  Lochlin Deeks out of West Salem looked as good as ever and has received D1 offers as well.  Same applied to Jacob Nall of Central Catholic and Tyrone Holmes of Eagle Point..

LINEBACKERS- The backers could have been the most athletic group of the bunch.  MVP Dawson Housley out of Sheldon and teammate Sam McCaskill both shined and are considered the top linebacking crew in the state.  Both hold D1 offers.  Evan Colorito out of Beaverton showed up looking like one of the best players in the state for the 2013′ class.  His quicks and side to side agility for a big man were outstanding. Grant Taylor out of Lake O just finished baseball winning league MVP honors and should get dialed in over the summer.

DEFENSIVE BACKS- Athletic cornerback Ershad Mahmood out of Beaverton was impressive and showed why he tied for the state’s 6a lead in picks. Brandon Blackshear out of Sherwood looks stronger and moved very well.

I am the Founder of the Northwest Prep Report. For 17 years I have led the way to the best of my ability to promote the best talent from the Pacific NW free of charge. It is my pleasure to continue to serve High School athletes from all over the Pacific NW and beyond. Formerly with my sites have now crossed over 8,000 stories, 7 MILLION Video Views, and 15,000 regular followers. Together with the best football people in the USA we pursue excellence for our NW athletes.

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