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Oregon Playoffs Week 1- Top Recruits to Watch In Play Offs

going let’s have a look at the Top Recruits in the State and who they face off against tonight with their squads!

We covered the 6A and some of the top guys to watch in our story Wednesday and now we look closer at Oregon’s Top Players Statewide.

Oregon Playoffs Week 1- Top Recruits to Watch In Play Offs



Well here we go!  Time to get after it and we will do so with a double header coverage live tonight.   As we get this going let's have a look at the Top Recruits in the State and who they face off against tonight with their squads!

We covered the 6A and some of the top guys to watch in our story Wednesday and now we look closer at Oregon's Top Players Statewide.  

This is a list of our Top Seniors with Offers who are still in the Playoffs tonight-NO ORDER HERE Per Se:

Player Watch List Oregon- Seniors:

  • Thomas Tyner–  The Oregon Commit is at 2800 yards and in what we think is a major story he shuld break 3,000 tonight.  If the Warriors still keep going he can threaten the All Time Record for a single season held by the great Cory McCaffrey of Sisters of 3,335 set in 2006.  WOW what a talent!  The Warriors play Glencoe tonight!
  • Bryaden Kearsley– The Top Linemen in The Pac NW has really stirred up a lot of recruiting news lately in so  much as he seems to be open to options.  The film we released this week is amazing at the very least.  The King of the Panckaes is the guy you want leading your squad into the post season.
  • Doug Brenner– The Duck's Future Beast and his amazing Jesuit Squad move on to play Centennial.  Brenner is a Duck.  Period.  And at 6'3"-280 pounds the strongest kid in the State is going to be fun to watch.  Centennial got a tough draw tonight in a 7PM start at Cronin Field.
  • Evan Voeller-  While many may have assumed he was out with that bad shoulder he is back and just in time to help his  Lions get at least one playoff game against the super tough Southridge Skyhawks.  Voeller is a solid Duck Commit and still top 3 or 4 in the Pacific Northwest at the O-Line Position.  Superb technician who will go far!
  • Andrew Kirkland- Also from Jesuit the 6'5"-290 POUND pure Talent is ready to do battle too.  Consistently week in and week out a guy to watch and one of the hardest working and most durable athletes in the State.  UW Husky Commit still solid.
  • Dallin Leavitt– Central Catholic stud.  Leavitt has had mroe highlight hits then anyone this year and in some games has been dominating to the point it has almost been silly.  He defends the pass, blitzes, runs the ball, and is a monster on special teams.  The 8PM game at Hillsboro Stadium will feature he and the Rams against Lakeridge.  BYU is solid for him.
  • Nate Halverson– Grant-  The SMU Commit is one of the leaidng receivers in the Region, has been a phenomenal player on defense and special teams, and the sort of leader grant has needed.  This guy is going to be special at SMU and another Grant star moving on to college.  His speed and agility is top notch in the Region and makes him a top recruit.  Special student athlete.
  • Evan Colorito–  The 6'4"-255 pound Linebacker gets less press then he should.  He holds a handfull of offers from Pac 12 and Big Sky schools and if you asked us who can go the furthest with football his name would be right there.  So fast, long, and agile.  He leads a tough Beaver squad into Medford to take on South Medford.  Good luck to him.
  • Johnny Ragin & Tanner Shipley–  The two 2-way stars have had the sort of year you want from you Seniors.  Both have BYU, OSU, and others too.  Both can play offense of defense and will likely be used as needed in College.  The fact is both guys are close to a decision and laser focused on the Wildcats big game against Mountain View Tonight.
  • Derrick Turituri– Crater High School Stud Linebacker may not be on the most loaded team but he is making himself known every game.    The Arizona commit and his team mate RJ Morgan (also committed to ASU) are coming to Hillsboro for part one of the Double Header tonight- they play Century.
  • Skyler Phillips–  Th monster O-Linemen (6'3"-330 pounds) and his guys take on Redmond in 25 degree weather tonight.  The OSU Commit is so good.  It is just fun to watch him and we already see All Pac 12 written all over him.  Awesome respectful kid we love!!
  • Max Rich- Jesuit-  The 6'7"-315 pound Jesuit Man Child is often referred to by Coach Ken Potter as the Best he has seen- in terms of High School Linemen and their Potential-  Max has WSU, Yale, Harvard and a host of Big Sky School.  He has made it clear that the Ivy League is a serious Target for him.
  • Matt Sommer– West Salem-  A Goliath kid with huge features.  Powerhouse linemen that can play both ways.  He holds offers from Wyoming , Portland State, Northern Colorado and Montana.  His Titans host Grant Tonight!
  • Connor Strahm  Sheldon High is Rated #1 – Heart and soul of that team is right here.  He holds 5 or 6 Offers and several are Big Sky powerhouse schools.   The kid is domintaing on offense and defense and plays slot and safety.  We think he is the next kod potentially to get a Pac 12 or Mountain West Offer.  The Irish are hosting David Douglas tonight in Eugene.
  • Austin Baird – Marist.  The Portland State commit is tearing it up at Running back.  Like Strahm he can change the outcome of a game and we feel he is on the bubble for a Pac 12 or Mtn West level offer too.  His squad takes on a really tough Hermistion squad tonight in Eugene.
  • Bryon Bodon and Austin Powell–  5A Twin Towers from Crescent Valley-  Both PSU Commits.  Powell is 6'4"-270 and Bodon 6'5"-285.  Both are physical and mean nosed football players.  Both have OSU and others looking but are also solid PSU commits as of now.  They take on Wilson tonight in Portland in what should be an interesting game!
  • Wyatt Houston – Horizon Christian-  The 6'4"-235 POund QB/TE/DE is among the best 2 way athletes anywhere in the State-  He has it down and has Committed to Utah State for a TE spot.  The 3A Hawks host Glide tonight.  He is a man among boys.
  • Mitch Lomax– Lake Oswego-  Lomax has gained a lot of press and at 6'4"-240 he should.  A complete Linebacker and athlete and PSU has offered him as well as others.  There is a feeling that he is about to go bigger.  OSU to join his QB Bro?  Hmmm.  His Lakers Host McNary Tonight in Round 1.
  • Xavier Griggs– Central Catholic Rams-  PSU and Eastern Washington among others have offered Griggs who is a terrific LB amd RB.  THe 6'1"-225 Pound Bruiser will be giving lakeridge all they want and more tonight!
  • Bruce Jones Junior-  Sunset HS-  Portland State has offered him.  The kid is capable of playing with the best but the Big Sky looks perfect for him as of now.  Sunset will battle McMinnvile for a shot at the round of 16 and we like thier chances.  Bruce is a two way talent at RB and DB.
  • Chad Texas Bach– 6'5-275 Pounds-  The kid is a beast.  He is along with Vowller and Kearsley the best technician in the State on the O line.  The kid had PSU and Montana and has a preferred walk on to Oregon which he is hoping turns into a full offer.  Watch his tonight against Wilsonville!  S T U D !
  • Alex Sirois-Century-  6'5"-300 Pounds – Olinemen with North Dakota offer in hand.  PSU like him.  So do we!  A reason Riddle is getting protection!  Watch a good linemen here tonight at Hillsboro Stadium 5:30 Kick.
  • Justin Outslay-Salem Academy- (Out of Playoffs) PSU
  • AJ Glass Jesuit-  The kid is back.   At 2,000 yards plus he is trying to come back strong for Jesuit.  That is a great thing for Jesuit.  He has Yale worked out and that is likely but he is looking for more!
  • Noah Peterson- 6'7"-280-  PSU offer in hand.  He is looking at more options and like most of his team just trying to stay perfect!  No doubt he moves on.  A punishing kid like Kearsley!
  • MIke Ralston– Sheldon –  So Mike left Jesuit and moved to Eugene to play for Sheldon and he has been very effective as a TE /DE/WR.  He has Northern Colorado and is one guy that the Playoffs will really help gain exposure!

Other Guys to Watch Tonight on The Bubble of their First Big Break:   NO ORDER

  • Sam Riddle- Century;  
  • Cristian Morris-Sherwood;
  • John Williams-Lincoln HS;
  • Xavier Mitchell – Century;  
  • Beau Duronslet CC;
  • Jack Anderson-LO;
  • Chet Spears-Sheldon;
  • Mitch Seely-CC;
  • Antonio Bella – Roosevelt;
  • Kevin McClean Southridge;  
  • DeShawn Stephens- Putnam;
  • Devaunte Hoffman-Gresham; 
  • Jack Anderson-Lake-Oswego;
  • Justin Ruppe-Lake Oswego;
  • Connor Griffin-Lake Oswego;
  • Julius Rucker-Westview;
  • Nick HIghberger-Wilsonville;
  • Tanner Fiez-Crescent Valley;
  • Bryson Sullivan-Aloha;
  • Michael Kluge-Aloha;  
  • Fergus Frederickson-CC;  
  • Zach Floyd-Tigard;
  • Kaz Greene-Tigard;
  • Benny Wick-Tigard;  
  • Jeff Williams-Tualatin;
  • Vance Hamilton-Century;
  • John Carroll – Mountain View;  
  • Spencer Payne- McMinnvile;  
  • Mitch Reese Churchill;
  • Kamerun Smith-Marist;  
  • Neil Wagner-Lake Oswego;
  • Lawrence Wilson-Central Catholic;
  • Samson Ebukam-David Douglas;
  • Andre Reasno-David Douglas;
  • Dom Baldocci -Jesuit;  
  • Paul Revis-Scappoose;
  • Ryan Brown-Jesuit;
  • Mark Holenstein-LaSalle Prep;  
  • Bryant Peek-Grant;
  • Cordell Harris-Grant;
  • Jonathan Clackamas;
  • Jake Dufault-South Salem;
  • Ryan Walsh-Wilsonvile;
  • Josh Harper-Marist;  
  • Dylan Lewis – Sheldon;
  • Mitch Lewis-Sheldon;  
  • Demontrial Spinks-Reynolds;
  • Austin Faunce-Lake Oswego

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