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Oregon’s Best For 2013

Oregon’s Best For 2013

Top Juniors In Oregon: Mid Season Report

Who are the premier Juniors this season who project to be the best of the best going forward?  Well you know we have you covered like no one else.  So without further adieu here are the Top Juniors for Oregonwho at this point we feel will be recruited athletes and lead the Class of 2013

Thomas Tyner:  6′ 208 pounds RB: Aloha;   Despite a slow start to 2011 Tyner remains the top recruit in the Region.  Once he gets healthy he is going to be dangerous.  Look for him and his 4.38 speed to tear it up all the way into a top school.

Brayden Kearsley; 6’5″, 285 Pounds OL; Aloha;  Already a BYU Cougar Brayden is fun to watch!  He is so dominating at his position that most plays you just see him smiling when he is on his way back to the huddle.  He is a very talented D-Linemen but this guy is O’Line Dominance incarnate.  The Cougars got a good one here.

Evan Voeller; 6’5″, 280 Pounds; OL West Linn;   Evan has been a known entity since 2009.  He is a preseason All American and so very talented.  He has offers from a few Pac-12 schools and is is likely to be an Oregon Duck if all goes as planned.  But he could end up in Purple and Gold or who knows.  Such a talented kid with a huge upside.

Andrew Kirkland; 6’6″, 280 Pounds; OL Jesuit;  No matter how you slice it Kirkland is big time.  So raw and so powerful this big kid is having an All State Season and we are certain his future is as an Offensive Tackle.  He is a major recruit.

Bryson Sullivan: 6’5″, 265 Pounds TE/DE; Aloha;  Sullivan has been hurt as well but remains perhaps the best 2 way recruit in the region.  He is so fast and powerful for his age.  He is a D-1 kid all the way and schools that have not looked better do so fast.

Evan Colorito; 6’4″, 221 Pounds; Beaverton-LB;  Wow is this one fast and excpetionally gifted kid.  When you watch him play it is obvious he is going to be a big time talent.  He moves effortlessly and is always where the ball is.  He is a nightmare in the passing lanes too.  Top LB in this class.

AJ Glass; 6’1″, 195 Pounds; SB/DB Jesuit;  Glass is a top DB and RB and is having a great season at Jesuit.  Fun to Watch and moves very well.

Doug Brenner; 6’3″, 260 Pounds; Jesuit-ANY:  Where do you put a freak like Brenner?  All kidding aside his only issue is going to be where he ends up.  He will probably be a DL if he does not project as a big time LB.  His speed and size are a rare thing indeed.

Max Rich; 6’7″, 280 Pounds; Jesuit-OL:  Rich has the best overall size and frame for a big time OT.  One of several linemen in this amazing class of Oregonians it is not easy to figure where he is going to wind up.  No doubt he will be a Nationally touted recruit and is someone Head Coach Ken Potter says is the best he has seen in a long time.

Austin Baird; 5’11”, 185 Pounds-WR/DB;  The Marist High Stud is racking up the yards and the TD’s again this season.  His 4.45 40 speed and ball skills are big time.  He will be a leader in his class and we look at him as a D-1 major recruit.

Connor Strahm; 6’1″, 205 Pounds; SB/WR/DB;  This guys does it all.  There is no doubt that he is generating interest and offers are coming.  He is powering the #1 rated Sheldon Irish and is an absolute Beast with the football.  If you look up X factor in the book you will find Strahm’s picture right there.

Bryon Bodon; 6’5″, 260; OL/DL-Crescent Valley;  Bryon is the most agressive player we have seen out there.  He started off the season on fire and then broke a bone and is out for a while.  That will not deter colleges as his mail box is filling up and he is a great looking athlete with above average strength.

Nate Halverson; 5’11”-180 Pounds; WR-ATH Grant;  Younger brother of Top Recruit Daniel this guy has “mad skills” as they say.  A great corner back who can lock down and rake the air clean of balls.  This youngster is one major event away from the bigs.  OP Loves him.

Matt Sommer; 6’4″, 285 Pounds OL/DL-West Salem;  Another in a long line of West Salem Titans who are very talented.  Big Matt is going to be a top recruit and  another in 2013 which may as well be called the Year of the Linemen.  He will stand out more to college recruiters once he hits the off season showcases but is making a strong case for ALL League/State selections this year.

Reza Aleazziz; 6’4″, 225 Pounds; QB-DE-Southridge;  You want to see a D-1 QB in the making?  Look no further then Southridge.  He has a rocket for an arm and we think he will be a very solid QB prospect for the D-1 / D-1AA level as his size and skills are only getting better.

Dallin Leavitt; 5’11” 200 Pounds; Safety-Central Catholic; Leavitt is already heading to BYU with Kearsley.  You want to see a show?  Just get to a CC game and watch the Human Highlight.  He is a ferocious hitter and so fun to watch.

Richard Ramsey; 5’9″, 180 Pounds; RB/DB-Jefferson; A pure athlete.  Nothing more you can say.  Ramsey is on his way to great things.  This is a guy that can help a team in about 5 or 6 ways and that should be a strong contender for an All State bid as well.

Austin Powell; 6’5″, 260 Pounds; OL/DL-Crescent Valley;  Powell joins Bodon as perhaps the best 1-2 combination in the State up front.  A guy who OSU loves and one they should get.  This Corvallis boy has a big motor and is another top linemen in the Oregon 2013 class.

Cristian Morris, 5’11”, 185 Pounds; RB/DB-Sherwood;  Morris is legit.  Hard to say which side of the ball he ends up on but boy can he play.  This is a gifted skill player worthy of looks from schools at the top levels.

Beau Duronslet; Central Catholic; 6’0″; 190 Pounds; DB-Central Catholic;  Beau is leader in pass interceptions and deflections as well as tackles.  He has natural abilities and plays with an edge.  This is a D-1 football player.

Benny Wick;  5’9″ 185 Pounds; RB/DB-Tigard; One of the hottest recruits in the region in terms of what he is doing in 2011 to help his team.  A stellar year so far should help him establish his name for next season.

Wyatt Houston; 6’4″-225 Pounds; QB-DE-Horizn Christian School:  Houston has been training to be a QB all his life and is making a case that he can be one of the best.  Nice arm and great size too.  Stands out in a crowded space of top QB’s.

John Carroll; 6’3″ 185 Pounds; WR/S-Mountain View:  John is a very talented kid with greta size and hands.  He is one of the top threats to score either side of the ball in his Class and is high on our list for 2013.

Mike Ralston; 6’6″, 240 pounds TE/DE-Jesuit:  Imagine a kid with great hands that has a reported 40″ vert and is 6’6″?  Reminds us of Colt Lyerla.  Well Ken Potter has not used him that much this year but Ralston remains one of the most explosive guys in the region.  Great hooper too.

Antonio Bella; 5’11”, 175 pounds- DB/RB/ATH-Roosevelt:  Coach Christian Swain is doing a great job over there with the Rough Riders and man this kid can play.  Another player you have to watch as a pure athlete and for teams needing to “man-up” this is a guy you need.

Mitch Lomax; 6’4″, 230 Pounds TE/LB-Lake Oswego:  Mitch is an athlete.  Period.  He has the right mentality for the LB spot but culd play TE too.  He moves very well for a big guy and the blood line is obviously a football one.

Kamerun Smith; 6’5″-195-QB-Marist;  Smith is rising fast as a talented QB and with the numbers he is putting up that will only increase.  A tall mobile kid with great vision.

Noah Peterson, 6’5″, 270 Pounds OL-Lake Oswego;  Noah is one of several very talented Laker O’linemen.  He is a smart kid and one of our favorite we have seen this year.  He is a winner and born leader.  He and team mates Kyle Peterson both impress us on that line.

Ryan Brown, 6’5″, 270 Pounds-OL-Jesuit;  Brown had a season ending injury this year and is out for now.  That does not mean we have counted him out.  He and Kirkland and Rich will power that line again next year and we will not lose track of him.

James Banks, 6’1″, 220 pounds LB-Marist:  Banks is a monster and has great speed and vision.  He can close out both run and pass plays and can dominate. Banks is one of the top line backers in the Pacific Northwest next year.

Jack Anderson, 6’2″-185 pounds LB-Ath-Lake Oswego:  Anderson has impressed us both ways and the reasons the Lakers are so good ths year include this guy.  Collegiate potential all the way.

Xavier Griggs; 6’0″ 205 Pounds-RB/DB-Central Catholic:  Griggs is a two way star and by the end of next season will have 3 years as a starter on one of the States best squads.  Another pure athlete that belongs with the best players in terms of who a school could get and help their program.

Michael Klug; 5’11”-270 pounds; DT-ALOHA;  With a build like this you have to smile.  The big hearted Warrior is just that.  Tiger on the field and with his record setting 440 pound bench he is a beast.  This is one solid kid that knows how to win and despite his height will go on to play football and or wrestle in college.

Johnny Ragin; 6’1″-205; Ath-Wilsonville;  Ragin is a gifted kid.  He is very quick and has a great football mind.  Find the ball and he is there.  Either side he is a threat to break a game open.  An All State player who is rising fast.

Bruce Jones Jr; 5’10”-180 Pounds-ATH-Sunset:  Bruce is a big addition over at Sunset and we feel stands out for many reasons.  His stock can rise fast and he  may be a top 10 pick.  No reason speed and hands and talent like this is not projected to go to the very top.

Jake Default; 6’0″-200; DB-South Salem-  Jake is a great looking player who we feel can play and start at the collegiate level.  His toughness and football savvy come partly from his Head Coach dad who is very successful in his own right.

Taylor Grimmett; 6’0″, 190 Pounds; Ath-Horizon Christian:   Taylor is an excellent athlete.  A top RB and DB he can also kick.  We saw him hit a 53 yarder and he is very solid at almost any skill position.

Nick Highberger; 6’2″-195; Ath-DB-Wilsonville;  Highberger has started every year at Wilsonville and is a tough kid.

Others on our Radar:

Deven Jackson- Jefferson 6-1 190 Pounds QB

Neil Wagner- Lake Oswego 6-1′ and 215 pounds

Andrew Schlottmann- Tualatin 6-2 190 pounds

Kevin McClean- Southridge 6-2 180 pounds

Derrek Turituri- Crater 6-2″ and 215  pounds

Dakota Kemper- Banks 5-10 185 pounds

Fergus Frederickson- Central Catholic 6-3 240 pounds DL/OL

Neil Wagner- Lake Oswego 6-1′ and 215 pounds

Hayden Ficek- South Salem 6-3 235 OL/DL Pounds

Jeremy Poyer- Astoria 6-2 220 pounds LB/QB

Blake Chamberlain- Tigard 6-3 250 Pounds DE

Nate Henkle- West Salem 5-9 170 Pounds

Daniel Harper- Scio 6-0 195 Pounds

RJ Morgan- Crater 6-1 195 Pounds

Mason Ross- McNary 6-2 225 Pounds

Alec Powell- Southridge 5-9 170 Pounds

EDITORS NOTE:  We miss guys once and a while and for sure we have a big job.  If we missed someone please do not sit there and gripe!  Pick up the phone and or email Dirk.  We are here to help all the kids in the Region.  503-799-8383 or email me here.


I am the Founder of the Northwest Prep Report. For 17 years I have led the way to the best of my ability to promote the best talent from the Pacific NW free of charge. It is my pleasure to continue to serve High School athletes from all over the Pacific NW and beyond. Formerly with my sites have now crossed over 8,000 stories, 7 MILLION Video Views, and 15,000 regular followers. Together with the best football people in the USA we pursue excellence for our NW athletes.

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