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Oregon’s Best Linemen 2013-2015: Wow What A Group

Here is our Pre-season list of the best big men in the State of Oregon from 2013-2015 and we are adding to it all the time! This is not a complete list but is done with as much analysis and thought as we can possibly offer!

Oregon’s Best Linemen 2013-2015: Wow What A Group


Dirk Knudsen:










Top Linemen In Oregon

Class of 2013

This list is not sorted in any order in particular.  All of these guys can play at the next level somewhere.  We Do Not Rate Or Rank Players as this based on almost a decade of experience is not up to any analyst to do.  Coaches and kids sort this all out!

Player Info Schools Contacting- Offers Link to Players Film and Commentary by OP Staff
Evan Voeller, West Linn HS, 6'4", 285 Pounds, OL 12 Total Offers:  Verbally Committed to Oregon


Evan has been a known entity since 2009.  He is a preseason All American and so very talented.  Nominated to the Army Game.  Evan had over a dozen major D-1 Offers and has ended his recruitment early with a verbal commit to the Oregon Ducks.  One of the most highly recruited linemen on the West Coast.

Brayden Kearsley, Aloha, 6'5",290 Pounds, OL BYU Soft Commit– 10 Offers


What can u say about the Boss of the line?  He is big. agile, and he understands how to win and how to defeat opponents.  There is an X factor and Kearsely has it.  Big time prospect. He is a very talented D-Linemen but this guy is O'Line Dominance incarnate.  Brayden is looking at all of his options and is considered to be a Soft Verbal at this time.  He and Voeller are the best Pair of Offensive Linemen we have seen out of Oregon in a long time and Kearsley will likely receive post season invites!

Andrew Kirkland, Jesuit, 6'6", 285 Pounds, OL Colorado-PSU-Wyoming- Others


No matter how you slice it Kirkland is big time.  So raw and so powerful this big kid had an All State Season and we are certain his future is as an Offensive Tackle.  With the Colorado Offer he cements himself as a premier O'Linemen on the West Coast.  Many of the same skill set as Kearsley and Voeller.  A tireless worker that the in State schools should not loose.

Doug Brenner, Jesuit, 6'3", 265 Pounds PSU– Others


Where do you put an athletic freak like Brenner?  All kidding aside his only issue is going to be where he ends up.  He will probably be a DL if he does not project as a big time LB.  His speed and size are a rare thing indeed.  Offers from PSU so far but his talent is D-1 All the Way!

Bryson Sullivan, Aloha HS, 6'4", 265 Pounds, TE/DE PSU, OSU, OR. Pac 12, Others



Sullivan is perhaps the best 2 way recruit in the region.  He is so fast and powerful for his age.  He is a D-1 kid all the way and schools that have not looked better do so fast.


Bryon Bodon, Crescent Valley, 6'5", 275 Pounds, OL/DL

OSU, OR, -Others


Bryon is the most agressive player we have seen out there.  He started off the season in 2011 on fire and then broke a bone and was lost for the season.  That will not deter colleges as his mail box is filling up and he is a great looking athlete with above average strength.

Film To Follow

Max Rich, Jesuit, 6'7", 285 Pounds, OL

North Dakota,

Multiple Schools


Rich has the best overall size and frame for a big time OT.  One of several linemen in this amazing class of Oregonians it is not easy to figure where he is going to wind up.  No doubt he will be a Nationally touted recruit and is someone Head Coach Ken Potter says is the best he has seen in a long time.


Matt Sommer, West Salem, 6'5", 285 Pounds, OL-DL


Multiple Schools


Another in a long line of West Salem Titans who are very talented.  Big Matt is going to be a top recruit and  another in 2013 which may as well be called the Year of the Linemen.  He will stand out more to college recruiters once he hits the off season showcases.  All League Player who is on his way.

Austin Powell, Crescent Valley, 6'4", 265 Pounds Multiple Schools


This Corvallis boy has a big motor and is another top linemen in the Oregon 2013 class.  He plays with true agression and reads the ball very well.  While he can project to the OL he seems likely to be best used as a strongside Defensive End where his agression comes out!

Noach Peterson,  Lake Oswego, 6'5", 270 Pounds Multiple Schools


Noah is the best of several very talented Laker O'linemen.  He is a smart kid and one of our favorite .  He is a winner and born leader.  He and team mates Kyle Peterson both impress us on that line.  His size, quick feet, and technique all tell us he is moving on to a collegiate level.  Secret to the Lakers First Championship was Noah and his boys up front.

Michael Kluge, Aloha HS, 5'10", 270, DT/Guard Mulitple Schools


With a build like this you have to smile.  The big hearted Warrior is just that.  Tiger on the field and with his record setting 440 pound bench he is a beast.  This is one solid kid that knows how to win and despite his height will go on to play football and or wrestle in college.

Mike Ralston, Jesuit, 6'6", 220 Pounds, TE/DE Multiple Schools


MIke had a solid year at Jesuit helping to lead that group upfront.  People say he has a 40" vert and his soft hands are obvious; when he gets his shot he can be really good.   A good edge blocker who may be a tru Stringside DE/TE for any college looking for big time potential.

Dom Baldocchi, Jesuit, 6'3", 260 Pounds, OL/DL Mulitple Schools


A tough nosed linemen that has earned his way down after down.  He will play at the collegiate level and is a born leader.  Another great looking Linemen for the Crusaders.

Sam Stelk, Tigard HS, 6'5", 230 Pounds, DE/TE, ATH Multiple Schools


Sam came into Tigard looking for the QB spot and in 2012 he will likley get it.  Huge kid with great hands and feet who is a guy that can project at TE and DE as well.  He wants and will earn his shot at QB but reminds us of Caleb Smith who converted from QB to TE and became one of the best on the West Coast before moving on to OSU.


Fergus Frederickson, Central Catholic, 6'3", 245 Pounds, DE

Multiple Schools


Coach Steve Pyne is so happy with his play.  Fergus is experienced and has had a chance to see how great players like Brennan Scarlett and Alex Balducci play and is following suit.  Great strongside kid who gets it done for sure.

Tave'on Thompson Ashley, Grant HS, 6'3", 250, OL/DL

Multiple Schools


Tave'on just keeps getting better and better.  He will take charge of the Grant Line next year again and should be on the rise.  He has a nice frame and is a good looking prospect.  If he continues to improve and we like his chances.

Ryan Brown, Jesuit, 6'6", 250 pounds, OL Multiple Schools


Brown had a season ending injury this year and is out for now.  That does not mean we have counted him out.  He and Baldocchi, Kirkland, Ralston, and Rich will power that line again next year and we will not lose track of him.

Usaia Aisea, Lincoln, 6'2", 260 Pounds, OL/DL Multiple Schools


The big man has above average strength and moves very well.  We like him as a DT or DE and he can clearly block too.  A collegian who should be a top line recruit this season.


Jonathan Kennion, Clackamas, 6'3", 235 Pounds, OL/DL

Multiple Schools


We saw Kennion last season and liked his effort and the fact he did not take many plays off.  He should have a shot at the next level and is an above average athlete with good speed.  One to watch!

Alex Sirois, 6'6", 285 Pounds, Century Multiple Schools


Alex is so big and agile too.  Here is a guy with a very high ceiling as it seems he is getting better all the time and has room to grow into his frame.  Super long arms.  This guy is going to be one to watch over the Summer.


Malcom Lewis, Westview, 6'0", 290 Pounds,  OL/DL

Multiple Schools


Big man on the bubble.  A natural born athlete who owns his space on the field and works hard.  He can make it to the collegiate level with hard work and determination.  STRONG!

AJ McCollum, Aloha HS, 6'2", 260 Pounds, OL/DL Mulitple Schools


He proved himself in the offseason and in 2011.  This kid has good strength and very good feet!  This should be a guy who will hook up with Sullivan and Kearsley to get space for Tyner to run.  A solid kid for 2013's class.

Hayden Ficek, 6'3", 245 Pounds, South Salem, O line Mulitple Schools


Hayden never backs down and outworks most athletes.  There is a toughness here with this kid that is rare and that you just dont see too often.  He has the heart and the desire to play at the next level.


Anthony Jarvis, Hidden Valley, 6'2,5", 285 pounds, OL/DL

Multiple Schools


Tough kid from down south who no doubt belongs in the discussion about the linemen we have this year who can move on the college.  His film showcases a nasty kid who can grind!

Jake Hall, Salem Academy, 6'4", 210 Pounds, TE/DE Mulitple Schools


He is a little hard to gauge but is totally destroying the offenses in the 2 A football Division. Jake wil set the all time records before he is done.  Worth a look by any college and at this point he has done enough to catch our attention too!

Kyle Peterson, Lake Oswego, 6'2", 225 Pounds, C Multiple Schools


Peterson is a leader with mad skill.  He was the heart of the team at times and will always be rigth in the thick of things.  A super smart kid who translates defenses and reads better then most.  Look for him to lead again this season for the defending champs!



Chad Bach, Mountainview,6'4",240 Pounds

Mulitple Schools


Bach is a mobile and agile Olinemen who can also play DE.  We like his film and had a chance to go over some of it in detail.  He looks to be on his way.


Chet Spears, Sheldon,  6'2", 300 Pounds, 

Multiple Schools


Chet was a key component to the Irish last year as a Junior and will be the same this season.  He is a run stuffer and a very strong kid.


Brett Nielsen, Sheldon, 6'4", 230 Pounds



A rising prospect with a good frame who is a very good technician.

Sam Curtius, South Medford, 6'5", 220 Pounds  


Had a good season as an underclassmen on one of Oregon's best High School teams and will be on the radar as this year begins.

Cody Summers, 6'1", 235 pounds, Tualatin   

Interesting prospect Cody is.  Good athlete and big enough to move on.  Should be another tough linemen from the Tualatin program to watch.


2014-2015 Watch List:  These are the Incoming Juniors and Sophs that we have watched and who we will continue to monitor.  They are the young guns we are tracking but as always we look for athletes who have had a successful Junior Season before any predictions 

Lopeti Aisea, 6'0", 265 Pounds, Lincoln 2015

Now here is a kid who in his Freshemen season blew up the football scene.  He is a real talent and many believe a multiple D-1 kid.  While a lot of water has to go under the bridge for that to happen and he is young there is no doubt he is way ahead of his age group.  This year should be one where many watch him closely.  D'End or D'tackle seem to be his best fit.  But he is too young to say.


Will Heck, 6'1", 270 Pounds, Crescent Valley



Gifted Center who is on his way to some terrific things if he keep working the way he is.  He can be a really special athlete!

Marqueese Royster, 6'0", 265 Pounds, Lakeridge 2014


This will be his year to prove if all the media he has generated is for real.  In 1-1 combine events he has been dominating.  A physical beast with a great first step as a D linemen.  He has a long list of accolades as well.  His move to Lakeridge should give him a chance to start both sides of the ball.  The proof will be the product he puts on the field and we look forward to seeing how he does!


Connor Humphreys, 6'3", 225 Pounds, Central Catholic


Connor got a lot of time starting at CC and did a nice job.  He is developing as an athlete and is one of several talented Juniors on this Squad!


Sione "Junior" Taumoueanga, 6'0", 265 Pounds, Roosevelt HS



All League as a Soph.  The big Rough Rider is one of several young men coming through that program who are tough customers.  We will watch for him early this year to gain some film.


Semise "Tonga" Kofe, 6'1", 260 pounds



29-3 in Wrestling.  Great athlete and big time prospect.  BYU is close to an offer.  His Coach says he on his way.   


Tristan Lallo, South Medford



Still tracking Film On Lallo but he  ade some waves last season.


Tanner Davies, Sheldon, 6'3", 275 Pounds



Big kid with a big future.   As with any of the young big guys coming into the Irish program he has shot to be developed nicely.  Saw Varsity action last season.


PJ Schubert, 6'2", 240 Pounds, Pendleton

2014 PJ had a nice season out at Pendleton and was a second team selection.  He has two more years to develop under some great coaching.


Zach Krause, 6'3", 250 Pounds, Canby

2014 All League kid at Canby who showed good foot speed and is big for a young guy.  He should have a really nice year ahead and be a guy to watch develop.


Leo Tuinei, 6'2", 260, The Dalles



First Team All League Athlete who has shown the ability to make plays.  The town that produced big James A'toe is on the verge of another great big man coming out!


Bruce Isabel, 6'0", 250 pounds, OL/DL



Good feet and good hands.  Had a great season last season and should be a solid player for the team going forward.


Austin Holmes, 6'4", 225 POunds , Eagle Point



Tyrone's Younger Brother (PSU Commit.) Austin appears to have that X factor too.  Smooth, big, powerful.  Looks the part of a DE/TE and someone we have already been impressed by!


Josh Brown, Sunset, 6'5", 230 Pounds



A young big man developing out at Sunset who had some starts for Faustin Riley's team.  He will have a great opprtunity to develp in their system.


Bobby Powers, 6'0", 275 Pounds, Wilson



First Team All League Athlete on the PIL.  We hope to get a closer look at him over the Summer.


Editors NOTE:  

We watch film and lots of games as well as follow all state and all league rankings.  But we do miss guys once and a while and for sure we have a big job.  If we missed someone please do not sit there and gripe!  Pick up the phone and or email Dirk.  We are here to help all the kids in the Region.  503-799-8383 or email me here.


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