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OSU Wakes Up And Offers Dawkins

OSU Wakes Up And Offers Dawkins

Well someone woke up finally.  And why the heck not?  Keishon Dawkins of West Linn is one of the most imposing physical athletes in the West and yet it took until the end of the regular high school season for a D1 Pac 12 Offer to happen.  Many of us that cover football see these same cases every year and it gets frustrating to watch.

Tonight I want to compliment interim OSU Head Coach Cory Hall for doing what Gary Andersen rarely did- he went after a tough in state kid who has some real talent.

Dawkins is a young man whom at 6’6″ and 245 lbs is gifted enough to be a tight end, tough enough to play defensive end, and who at 285 lbs (which he will easily become) can be much like Kaleb McGary at the UW and slide into a O-line spot and become a top draft pick for the NFL.

We have long supported this move and thank OSU for waking up on this kid.  He was one of the top athletes on our 2018 Top 100 list without a Pac 12 offer and tonight he has one!  Coach Hall can take heart that so many of us analysts are applauding and cheering for him and we hope this is the first of several more such offers to come!

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