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Quinton Sison Works For a Comeback in 2011 in Cashmere

Quinton Sison Works For a Comeback in 2011 in Cashmere

July 1, 2011

Dirk Knudsen Editor

Dirk Knudsen;
Quinton Sison Breaks an 85 yard kick off for a TD and makes it look easy against Camas in 2010

This is one of those stories I write from time to time where I have an emotional attachment. And I am proud of that. Because when you do this work and are lucky enough to meet guys like Quinton Sisonyou have to pay attention. In Sison, the fallen and injured top rated RB, is the promise for the future and the hope that he can once again return to haunt the end zones of opponents. At his best he was simply magnificent and so with that in mind I tell you, our readers, of his fight to make a comeback.

It was a year and a half ago I first met Sison after a terrific performance he had at Qwest Field at the Emerald City Classic. Playing for Timberline High School, alma mata of Johnathan Stewart, Quinton was a one man wrecking crew. Against Camas in that game he racked up almost 200 yards and broke a kick return 85 yards to the house for a TD.

His 4.39 speed showcased itself against one of the best defenses in the State and he appeared to be on his way to the top rated Running backs position as the season began.

But things happen and in a flash in Game 4 of the regular season while starting on defense his leg twisted and he tore his ACL and hsi MCL. In a made for TV Boobie Miles moment his season, and many felt his future, came to an end.

In fact as week or two later the football community had moved on and his name was not mentioned much as all after that. The 2010 season came and went and he was all but forgotten.

But somewhere in this post season period I ran across his name and thought it necessary to find out what happened to the flash of brilliance all of those who saw him play got to know.

It was a month ago I found him, no longer in Seattle, but in the tiny Eastern Washington town of Cashmere. That is just outside of Wenatchee.

“I am here now living with my brother Maleek Roberts and am trying to get better. I am trying to make it back,” he said.

On that pedestal of the rising Junior back his future was set. But he knows all too well that the best laid plans can come to a screeching halt. Now with his MCL fully repaired but his ACL re-torn and rehabbing all he can do is wait and work.

“This has not been easy. I got hurt and was almost better and then was hurt again. Now my rehab is going well and I may be able to play this year,” he said. “I am praying to God I make it back.”

Now the injury cost him more then his season. It cost him a term of school this Spring and so he is attending Summer School to make up credits and try to get his eligibility back.

There are two issues. One get better. Two try and play his Senior year.

“I am going to get fully heeled by September. Then I have to figure out if I can apply to play and be eligible after all that happened. That is all that is on my mind.”

He should be able to play this fall as there is some real extenuating circumstances. And because he did not complete 4 games of his Junior year he may apply to recover and redo his Junior season and get two more years.

But that is not his concern.

“One day and one year at a time,” said Quinton. “That is all I am looking at.”

And you have to cheer for a kid like this who has such amazing physical gifts and plays the game of football with such passion. There is little doubt he could have been the recipient of many D1 offers could he have finished his Junior year the way it started.

“Cashmere is a great program and I hope I can join them. This is a really deep team and from what I can see these guys can play. I am just hoping for a chance to get in and help by mid-season.”

He is right. Cashmere is a great program and with a physical beast like Sison they become a real force. Sison says he looks to the chance to play with his brother Maleek with a smile on his face.

We will follow his story because he is owed a shot by those that follow football and write and recruit in this world. He may just be the find of the year for some lucky program. Only time will tell.


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