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Real Top Recruits Must Not Be Controlled

Real Top Recruits Must Not Be Controlled

Tonight I am writing to once again address an issue that I have addressed before but am compelled to do so once again.  Please share this with your team mates and Coaches and recruits.

If you are a Top recruit who is headed to college or wants to be it is of crucial importance that you not allow yourself to be controlled by anyone.  This includes recruiters, media types, and even more importantly off-season trainers.

Elijah Molden 550

Elijah Molden of West Linn, Oregon is the top Defensive Back in the Pacific NW and has been spot on in handling his recruiting. His decision looms large for some lucky team.

Almost every private 7 on 7 Team and training group is starting to tout athletes they have trained as “their guys”!  In many cases athletes have told me that they go to camps and 7 on 7 events and other football related events because they have to or they won’t be held up as a top recruit by their trainer or private off-season coach.


Let me set the record straight: LISTEN UP!


2)  Affiliation with a Trainer or Coach or a 7 on 7 team is a BAD IDEA if it comes at the price of the athlete not being allowed to go anywhere they want.

3)  IF a Trainer or Coach starts telling you about all the recruits “He and his program” got offers for please run the other way.  This is a sign you are being hyped and sold Snake Oil.

4)  If you are truly talented you need to show some love to who you believe can help you get better as an athlete or a positional player.  Any talk of that sort of training  including special treatment or extra help for recruiting is going to cost you in more ways than 1.

5)  Do Not Give Blind Devotion To a Trainer Or Coach –  This is not a boxing club, gang, or some DOJO where we are all bowing down to some leaders.

The reason I write this today is that as the latest round of offers has come in many are taking credit.  Stop it.  These offers belong to the boys.  Celebrate for them but please stop taking credit.  It is not yours to take.


Look at these recruits from Oregon the Past few years rated #1,#2, and #3 for the past few years.  Note that none of these guys were regulars on any 7 on 7 team nor were any of them really camp nor combine junkies.  All of them were / are freakish athletes who made training their physical gifts their primary concern along with their health.  No  College Coach recruits based on 7 on 7.  They recruit athletes.


12 RB 2 6’1″ 218
Beaverton, OR
215 OT 16 6’5″ 285
West Linn, OR
NR OG 16 6’4″ 298
Beaverton, OR


131 OLB 10 6’3″ 210
Portland, OR
NR FB 13 6’3″ 220
Portland, OR
NR DT 31 6’4″ 275
Portland, OR


235 RB 31 6’1″ 210
Portland, OR
NR QB 91 6’4″ 190
Lake Oswego, OR
NR OT 98 6’7″ 260
Portland, OR


218 OLB 10 6’3″ 218 4.64
Portland, OR
NR TE 20 6’5″ 225 4.70
Bend, OR
NR DT 37 6’2.5″ 260 5.00
Portland, OR

Courtesy of


LEGITIMATE MEDIA – and along now with 247 Sports are the only major media who print lists with Rankings on them that College Coaches read; and surveys show they barely read those.  Now with so many sites and even our local news papers rating the athletes it sure seems like kids and parents are willing to do whatever to get on a list.  IF SOMEONE PRESSURES YOU to come to an event or you won’t make their list please run the other way. 

It is always so sad and telling when some of these lists publish kids as being more highly rated than others when those of us on the inside know they publish “their kids” higher on their own lists.   At the point that is happening please understand the credibility is gone.  No one cares but the athlete and mom and dad.

A Top Recruits Guide to Becoming #1:

If you have offers as a Junior or a Sophmore or are on the verge please listen to me.  The quicker you make yourself more about your brand the better off you will be.  Here are the keys to moving into the Top 10 for your State or if you’re in the Top 10 moving to #1.

  • Attend very few events outside your positional training– Train your body to be explosive and for your position. Make this small group or 1-1 training.
  • 7 on 7 events will not raise your stock; they may help maintain your position but are a small part of the over all process.  Pick the team and events carefully!
  • Attend Major Colleges Camps and games whenever possible as these events are the best way to get known.
  • Attend National Camps if possible; a Performance Camp (Invite Only), possibly the Army All American Combine (Invite Only), and a Nike ELITE 11 or Opening Regional Camp (Invite Only).  The reason for this is that these events are where the Major National Media is and they will cover you and add to your credibility nationally.
  • Get to College Games and Game Day recruiting events.  Meet the coaches 1 on 1.  Work your relationships.
  • Junior Day Visits at Colleges–  Ryland Spencer of Northwest Elite Index and I talked about these important visits.  Here was his take-
    • “Think with your head, not your heart. If you live in the greater Seattle area and attend UW’s junior day, that is a minimal expense, but attending Arizona State’s Junior Day is probably not a wise decision. Attend their camp instead. Junior Day is just a visit, why not work out and get that visit? Flight for father/mother and son, hotel, rental car, food, merchandise (every kid buys at least a t-shirt).  That is a lot of expense when you can’t make an athletic impression.  Probably not worth it in that case.”  This is a man after my own heart – he gets it.
  • Pick your spots, do not allow your name to be used to draw others to a paid event.
  • Less is More.  Attend few events.  Control your Brand.
  • Establish the Media that can help you-  The Oregonian, Portland Tribune, and D1 Bound America et. al. have no relevance or ability to help you gain offers or attention.  Find out who in the community is followed by college coaches and who is trusted.  They will be the only folks you ever need to know.

If you are a real Top Recruit in your area you can rest assured this is the same advice that has worked for every top recruit who came before you.


Conclusion-  This is about you and your team guys.  If you are lucky enough to be good enough to get all or part of your college paid for then good for you!  But do not let anyone convince you that they can make things happen that you can not.  They can not.  It is all just a lie.  Protect your good name and reputation.  Don’t let anyone use you for their personal financial gains.  They will do this.  If someone wants you to pay them for recruiting go to your coaches or call me for help.  If someone offers to waive your camp fees to show up at a camp or work out don’t do it.

This is about you and your Brand as a Student Athlete.  Protect it and look out for it.

Real Top Recruits Must Not Be Controlled

Call Dirk Knudsen anytime to have a free 10 minute call about you or your athlete.  All your questions will be answered at no fee.  15 years of work as a football recruiting insider is right here for your use.  And there is no such thing as a stupid question.  So fire away.

Call Dirk at 503-799-8383

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I am the Founder of the Northwest Prep Report. For 17 years I have led the way to the best of my ability to promote the best talent from the Pacific NW free of charge. It is my pleasure to continue to serve High School athletes from all over the Pacific NW and beyond. Formerly with my sites have now crossed over 8,000 stories, 7 MILLION Video Views, and 15,000 regular followers. Together with the best football people in the USA we pursue excellence for our NW athletes.

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