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Recruits Should Attend These Two Camps In June

Recruits Should Attend These Two Camps In June

Before I promote any camp I do my homework.  I also look for any camp to have a history and a legacy of success for recruits who attend to reap major benefits.  A few years back I released my simple rules that recruits and parents must follow when considering attending any High School football showcase or camp.  I will repost those right now.

NWPR Football Recruiting Advice

Like we do every year we are vetting out the best of best camps and making you all a recommendation.  There are a lot of new players in the camp circuit and some of the big Nationals are rolling in too but the facts are the facts.  Only a few get our NWPR Camp Stamp of approval.  We are not likely to endorse any events we have not reviewed, been to, nor those with no track record.


NWPR’s Rules of Engagement For Football Camps

1.  First and Foremost Only Attend Camps with College Coaches Present if at all possible.  The reason is if their are no decision makers (coaches) present you are likely not helping yourself.  There are exceptions to this rule but not many.

2.  If Major Media is at an event and is honestly covering the event and not just standing around that can be a good event to attend.  This is NOT YOUR LOCAL PAPER- This would need to be NWPR, NEI, SCOUT, RIVALS, 247 Sports, or the like.  Those are the big names.  If us Media types are there and you take the time to Network then this is an important event.

3.  If Major Media and College Coaches are at an event that is a Must Attend- This is the NWPR Golden Rule

4.  Combines are not that important – rarely if ever go to one.  College Coaches rarely put much stock in the Combines or their results- They are anecdotal at best and can hurt a kid that poorly performs so make sure you have the right to scratch your scores.

5.  If you go through your Summer and never attend a College camp or recruiting event / visitation you have failed for the most part.  TOO MANY ATHLETES ATTEND ALL SHOWCASE EVENTS AND YET NEVER MEET A COLLEGE STAFF!  The Guys Who WIN THE RECRUITING GAME are the ones hitting up between 1 and 10 colleges in the Spring and Summer – put yourself out there- call the football offices and ask to attend any and all events they have.  These experiences are like no other and the decision makers will meet you first hand.

LISTEN TO ME ON THIS-  I have confirmed this position with dozens of college coaches and recruiters!

Now if you follow our advise, and that is totally your choice, you will want to book in two dates for June in the Pacific Northwest.  These two Camps are the biggest and best camps of the year in the Pacific NW every year and are the MUST Attends- both are NWPR Golden Rule Camps- Major Media and College Coaches in attendance.

Camp #1 – NWEFC Football Camp – June 3rd, 2016 – Star Fire Sports Complex – Renton, Washington


This is the biggest camp every year in terms of numbers.  New rules mean fewer schools will be at camp but several Big Sky Schools will be in attendance and it looks like a loaded group of D2 and D3 as well as NAIA schools will be in camp running drills and watching the kids. Hundreds of kids have launched their college recruiting off of this one event and thousands have attended this camp in the past which has nearly a Decade of History-  We will be there and you will want to be there too.  Watch for camp coverage and posts as camp comes along.  This is a MUST ATTEND event on June 3rd.

Go to to Register

Camp #2 – RDAF Summer Showcase- June 30th, 2016

Kennedy HS – Burien, Washington

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Let there be no doubt or debate.  In terms of format and ability to provide the most effective camp experience for the athlete and the Coaches this camp takes the cake for the entire NW.  Because the format is 4 two hour sessions by position every kid gets a look.   You will register for the session that fits your position.  This is a grind it out event where the best kids show up and show out and get a lot of one on one attention.  This is camp is run by the Rough Diamonds Athletic Foundation and coaching is by college coaches from around the West.  Look for this camp to be well attended and an awesome experience with lots of Big Sky and D2,D3, NAIA Coaches in the house.

All NW Recruits from Freshmen through JC Kids are encouraged to get to this event. We will be there as will most major media.

 Click Here to get Registered Now!


With these two events and some focused direct college visits you can take charge of the recruiting process and really have the best odds of earning a coveted scholarship.  No other events are needed or really required – if there is a Must Attend event these two camps are them!  We hope to see you at these great events!


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