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Remembering Drew Swank’s Death And The Battle Ahead

Remembering Drew Swank’s Death And The Battle Ahead

We realize most of you know about Junior Seau dying and the controversy blowing up about concussion, Traumatic Brain Injury, and Football.  It is rocking the very foundation of the game and already leading to sweeping changes.  On the surface the NFL is putting on a good face and spending money to promote all they are doing.

But before they did they were pushed believe it or not by people in the Pacific Northwest who had seen too much happen here and too many kids suffer.

One of those kids that suffered was Andrew "Drew" Swank.  It was three years ago today on September 25th, 2009 that Drew was hit on the football field and played his last game.  The amazing Junior from Spokane's Valley Christian was playing hurt on the 25th with a concussion that he suffered on 9/18/2009.

He died about 48 hours later a result of what is known as Second Impact Syndrome.

What happened to Drew should have never happened.  Never ever.  He should have been home resting and trying to recover from his first major blow.

Now there is no Coach at Valley Christian.  Nor is there a football team.

And there is no more Drew Swank.  

The Swank family has worked for the positive things in this otherwise horrendous story.

We remember our friend Drew Swank and send our love and our prayers to Don and Patty and the amazing Swank Family of Hauser Lake, Idaho.

Before Junior died Drew Swank and a whole lot of other kids did.  Today we Remember all of them.

Inside the NFL Special On Drew Swank


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