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Sam Telesa Heads To Oregon Visit As One Of Oregon’s Best

Sam Telesa Heads To Oregon Visit As One Of Oregon’s Best

This weekend some of the best recruits in the State will play in their final games.  Most of our NW Football family has finished for the year.  Some are already in 7 on 7 and off-season workouts and a few are resting or playing around, something none of them do enough frankly.

No matter which category recruits find themselves in they will want to pay attention to this.  If you intend to play college football and are not trying to attend a game as a recruit you are not taking advantage of your time and your opportunities the best way.  This is the single most important thing you can do to help yourself and yet it is the one thing not that many guys actually do!

One guy who is spot on his path to college is Aloha High School (OR) big man Sam Telesa!  This 6’3″- 295 lb linemen is rising on all recruiting boards because he is a gem of a college prospect.  The size, the physical aspects, and the technique are all coming together in a way that make big Sam a Top-Tier package!

This weekend he will be at the University of Oregon as an invited recruit to take part in the campus tours, the pregame events, and to meet and greet the Coaching staff before heading off to watch the big game.  He is excited and focused on making the best use of his opportunities.

“I have seen an increase in college interest this past two months. I will be attending the University of Oregon game by an invitation from Coach Mario Cristobal,” said Telesa.  “I am honored and excited about the trip!”

Following along with our NWPR 10 play super Highlight advisory big Sam has made a short impactful Video with his contact info, his coaches info, and everything else he needs to convey the message.  Check it out right here!

The film shows awesome Power- very good balance and technique, and an understanding of play execution with awareness for his fellow linemen and where the football is at.  He has work to do on a few things like all prospects but the size and ability are there to place him nicely into the D1 ranks.

Even better he is wrestling and expects to compete at 275 pounds and he adds to that Rugby.  Those two sports and football make a trifecta for football coaches and recruiters.  This kid is the real deal and we wish him well on his big visit.  We expect a full report and Oregon would be lucky to have him.  WSU and the UW are loaded with linemen from Washington – seems like OSU and Oregon need to follow suit and this is a kid that can put one solid brick in the wall!

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ALSO – GUYS – Fix Up your Films, Profiles, Numbers, All-League Awards, Stats, Etc – it is not our job or the College Coaches jobs to do that-  We are seeing too many half-ass attempts so handle it and you will reap the rewards!

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