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Saying Goodbye To Jace Malek Won’t Be Easy

Saying Goodbye To Jace Malek Won’t Be Easy

Today we report the loss of a great young man, Jace Malek,  who made a valiant fight against cancer shortly after being signed to play football at the University of Idaho.  West Valley High School was home to the talented wrestler and football player who fought against his cancer valiantly and was a model and champion for all who came into contact with him.  He was such a great young man and it was amazing to watch him and all he stood for.  Below you will find two stories that will tell you a lot more about him then we ever could but we had a chance to get to know him and can tell you this was an outstanding human being.  God bless his family and community and NWPR is proud to have been associated with a person of his character.  Rest in Peace Jace you will be missed.

Jace Malek 550


ESPN Feature Story On Jace Malek

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