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Keyvaun Eady

Dirk Knudsen

Southridge Star WR Keyvaun Eady On The Verge

Southridge Star WR Keyvaun Eady On The Verge

Give him the ball and a crease and he is gone.  His highlight footage from 2018 showcases the entire array of skills as he posts 1,000 yards and 9 TD’s but more than anything it shows that Keyvaun Eady was born to play the game of football.  Specifically, he was born to catch the football.

Keyvaun Eady

When the 6’3″, 195 lb. wide-receiver from Beaverton’s Southridge high school catches the ball he is gone.  The track star runs the 100 Meter and has posted an 11.3 which, for his size, put him in the very top tier of collegiate recruits.  Speed, more than any other skill, is the one thing that elite recruits need and he has it.

Let me share this signature play of his from last week in the Skyhawks win over and always tough Lincoln Cardinal squad.  Coaches if this does not get your attention I do not know what will.  Have a look.


Now that play was a 90-yard kick return and he went to the house for the score.  But this play showcases his size, his vision, and that speed.  That field speed is better than most anyone we have seen in the past decade.  His 4.5 forty yard dash at the OSU football camp was legit and this speed is faster than that.  Later in the game he grabbed a nice pass on a jet-route and scored on a 45-yard burst.  There were others in the 42-20 win last Friday.

Portland State has offered Keyvaun and others are close.  He is hearing from OSU, Montana, Utah, Utah State, Boise State, Nevada, Weber State, and Montana State.  We see OSU, Boise State, Utah, and Nevada all being great fits.  Missing from this list is Eastern Washington where gems like Cooper Kupp and Kendrick Bourne became household names on their way to the NFL.  Maybe they will start coming around and grab him up.  The Vikings can really use him and he is blessed to have them in his corner.  Many onlookers see him going up to the Pac 12 and we concur.

What are his best skills?

“My strengths on the field are that I love competing 1 on 1 and absolutely love going up and getting deep jump balls.”

Where does he think he has room to improve?

“I feel like I have good speed but I can get faster.”

What he wants college coaches to know:

“You’re gonna see me compete under any circumstances!”

Our friends at NW Ballers showcased all of his 2018 skills and you can watch those below.  We will be following this young rising star all year and suggest you all do the same!  Great job so far Keyvaun!



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