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Sunsets Alex Stickel Posts 10 Play Super-Highlight

Sunsets Alex Stickel Posts 10 Play Super-Highlight

Boy what a busy day.   This is Post #5 today and the boys of the NW are cranking things up in response to my call for a 10 play all out Super Highlight.  I have already had 3 college coaches weigh in thanking me for the post and the idea.  These are easy to watch, fast paced, and immediately expose top talent.  So far all 5 of the guys that have sent them in have been equally good and Alex Stickel from Sunset High in the tough Metro League in Oregon just sent his in.  Here is why it is so great.

Alex Stickel 550

We think of him as a Safety at 6’2″ and 180 lbs plus.  He is so physical and gifted- we project him at 215 lbs in two seasons in college.  Then a film like this comes in and we have to stop and think.  He really could be a great wide receiver in college.  This guy totally reminds me of Cooper Kupp who is now bound for the NFL out of Eastern Washington.  And if I am second guessing where he should play that means others will be too.  Watch him change direction and his stop and go routes are really great.

Stickel had 1,000 yards receiving and averaged almost 20 yards a catch and 5 TD’s.  He punted the ball 498 times and averaged 46 yard a punt.  He also have 44 tackles and a bunch of deflections and break ups.  And you know what?  As good as that is no amount of stats will ever equal this film.  Great job Alex!  Some lucky college is getting a great one here.

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