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Tiger Shanks

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Tiger Shanks Helps Blow Lake Oswego Program Into Top Rankings

Tiger Shanks Helps Blow Lake Oswego Program Into Top Rankings

Let there be no doubt.  Lake Oswego’s Casey Filkins (RB) is one bad Mama-Jama at the all-purpose back spot.  The 3 start Senior is on his way to CAL Football next season and they will have a top talent to work with.  Watching Filkins in like watching a mixture of an H1 Hummer and a Corvette work.  He is fast and a hammer.  The state of Oregon’s #1 big back is so fun to watch.

Tiger Shanks

Tiger Shanks of Lake Oswego is a big-time talent with 4 offers and one of the best Big Men in the Pac NW for 2020

But look a little closer and you will see what has made Lake Oswego great all of these past many years.  The Offensive Line works in unison and with determination and purpose to provide the QB and RB’s time to work.  At the anchor of the 2019 Lake O-Line is big Tiger Shanks.  The 6’6″- 315 lb bruiser has had himself one hell of a senior year.  No longer is he just a big kid that can kind of move around.  Over the Summer he dropped weight and quickened his feet and took the next step from being an impact High School big man to becoming a D1 Collegiate recruit.

Tiger has a lot to offer.  He is an excellent person and a natural leader.  His play on the field is forceful and loaded with pancakes and huge holes.  In his earlier season 3 play highlight, he just collapses the interior line from his tackle spot at right tackle all the way to center.  His size is dominant and if you watch you will see second and third level blocking on a regular basis.  His feet are active and unlike many big men who plod along after contact Shanks is nimble and working until the whistle.  All signs of collegiate talent.

So far the behemoth has landed scholarship offers from Sacramento State, San Jose State, Idaho State, and the Idaho Vandals.  It seems likely more offers will be out there for Tiger as he and his #2 Lakers are headed into the playoffs in about 10 days.  Coaches will begin to attend these games looking for talent and gentlemen this is a big man who you can mold and work with.  The question will be if someone like Oregon State or Boise State steps in and grabs him – it can happen and we think it is a real possibility.  None the less he has plenty of great options.


We like Shanks very much- well-coached and coachable, hard-working, dedicated, and powerful.  A great looking strong guard or tackle at the next level and he one of the very best linemen in the Pacific NW for the Class of 2020. Best of luck to he and the Lakers and he season moves into the playoffs!

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