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Time To Give Back: Bike-A-Thon For Washington’s Own

In Washington we try and care for people as much or more then anywhere else in the Nation. That is why we need your help to raise awareness of the rare disease hystiosis cystosis.

Time To Give Back: Bike-A-Thon For Washington’s Own

As the editor of the three largest Prep Sports Websites in the Pacific Northwest I get to meet a lot of great people.  And while it is never easy to cover all of the great stories we try.  Helping me do that the last few years is my friend and Washington's own Mike Noftle.  He is a small town Dad and brings some of the best stories to us every year of people beating the odds.  

Now our friend and his family need our help.  Please read the attached story and share the post on this most worthy event to help raise money for a cause that is near and dear to the hearts of those around them.  Only through research can we help save kids like his Son Jackson Noftle.  I ask for your help, our Northwest Prep Sports Family, in this matter.  Please read this and donate what you can.  You Seniors still have time to make your mark and give back a little on your way to College and your careers.  Please take the time to do what you can!  Thank you Everyone.


  During last football season I wrote an article about Matt Hadley and his willingness to help raise funds for the search to find a cure for the disease that has so greatly affected the life of my son, Jackson.  Some of you might have even read that article, but if not I have included a link below.

  At a time when high school seniors are making plans for college and underclassmen are looking forward to spring football and summer camps in an effort to improve their results from last season, my son is faced with the reality of enduring a 3rd series of chemotherapy treatments.  His disease has returned again after just an 18-month span since his last series of treatments.  Just when the outlook seemed to be improving, Histiocytosis has returned for another attack on Jackson's brain stem and has forced him into another 12-month series of chemotherapy treatments.  He just got word that he will not be medically cleared to participate in his junior season of football with the Royal Knights.  He is crushed.

  Histiocytosis can leave its victims with tremors, difficulty with walking, speaking, swallowing, and learning.  This illness is so rare, there is little research into its cause and treatment, and it is considered an "orphan disease," meaning it strikes too few people to generate government-supported research.  The Histio CURE Foundation has been created by a group of Histiocytosis families from across the country to help raise funds that will support Dr. Ken McClain and Dr. Carl Allen, directors of the Histiocytosis Program at the Texas Children's Cancer Center, in pursuing important and ground-breaking research into histiocytic disorders. 

This research deserves the financial support which will enable continued progress to be made towards better understanding and treating a disease which has not been well understood, and which will have a significant impact on Jackson's life and the others around the world in desperate need of hope and healing.

                On Saturday, June 9, 2012 you too can actively participate in finding a cure for Histiocytosis.  Jackson, his family, and a legion of wonderful volunteers will be hosting the 2nd Annual Histio Heroes Bike-a-Thon/Walk-a-Thon in Royal City, WA to raise funds and awareness for the Histio CURE Foundation to help Dr. McClain and Dr. Allen in their search for miracles.  The event will be held on the grounds of Royal High School.  Those who wish to bike will make laps on a one-mile course laid out on school grounds.  Those who prefer to walk will make laps around the track.  Either way, participants will raise money for important research by collecting donations in advance of the event in support of their participation.   

                The event will take place from 10am to Noon, and will be followed by lunch and prizes for all participants.  In order to make this event a success we obviously need as many participants as possible to collect as many donations as possible, but we also are in need of event sponsors  and private donors in order to surpass our total raised last year of $27,000.  Your donation will be greatly appreciated and will make a difference in Jackson's life and in the lives of other young patients affected by Histiocytosis.

If you would like to donate you can do so online at the following webpage:

Visit that webpage to also view an informative video that highlights Jackson's plight.

Or visit our Facebook page for more info:

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