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2015 Prospects

More Top QB’s Turn To All American Coach John Charles For Off Season Training

More Top QB’s Turn To All American Coach John Charles For Off Season Training

Coach John Charles and his Air One Football Academy has continually grown here in the Portland and Vancouver region as one of the premier camps to train at and attend during the off season.  There are a lot of reasons and at the heart of that is the man himself; John Charles.  At a weekend camp you will find QB’s, Wide Receivers, DB’s, running backs, and others mixing it up and learning from a loaded staff that includes many former NFL players.

Coach John Charles and the Air One Football family continues to grow as athletes are improving exponentially at the camps!

Coach John Charles and the Air One Football family continues to grow as athletes are improving exponentially at the camps!

But it is Coach Charles, a First Team consensus All American QB, that seems to be the main draw.  You could watch one session and see an entire battery of drills and tools that he uses which are unique to him and his teaching.  Things you might not see any where else or if you do they are being emulated.  The next week he will unleash even more.  While many say they are the best and tout their accomplishments Coach Charles rarely does.  He just teaches what he was taught by many of the greats the way they were taught to him and adds his own style.

This season he has garnered the biggest group of Top QB’s in the Metroplex and more are coming in.  The facts seem to be proving out that what he teaches works and his student are excelling; something that the QB spot demands no matter what level the athletes are competing at.

A few guys pop up on our radar when we watched the last month or so and we wanted to give Air One and these amazing kids a shout out and point out to any Coach or recruiter in the Region to keep an eye on all these guys.

They are as follows:


Left is super Recruit Connor Neville who is a 6’2.5″ Freshmen now at Wilsonville who is expected to be a leading recruit on the West Coast in 2017 and was recently mentioned at the Elite 11 as the most accurate QB at the camp which included all of the QB’s in the Nation for 2016. To Charles right is Thomas Hamilton; a 6’4″ 3 Year starter at Baker City. Thomas drove 6 hours one way to train with Coach Charles and Air 1 this past weekend.  Check Out Thomas Hamilton’s Full Profile with Film and Contact info here!




Cedric Brooks of Rex Putnam is going to be a Junior and has been at Air One since he was young. The 6’2″- 2 way threat has the complete package and is technically very sound with an arm that Charles says will generate a lot of attention. We concur on that! We have some info on Brooks here in our DB.




Nolan Henry of Union High School is a top tier recruit and one of the NWPR Top 10 QB’s for 2015. Nolan has the full package of skills, a 4.0 GPA to boot, and is coming into this 3rd year as a starter at Union! He is consistently training at Air One and a leader whenever we see him. See Nolan’s Info here!



In Pink is Connor Neville and rising star QB Zach Shomler of Skyiew who has recently returned from the Elite 11 and other camps where he raised his image substantially. Skyview, where they love to throw the football, will see all the work Zac has put in at the Air One Camps as camp begins. Charles feels this guy has a cannon for an arm and a lot to offer any school!



Connor Neville works on his feet through ladders and hurdles and is taught to learn to read his receivers while completing that at high speed.



Neville and Shomler made some noise at Top tier finishers at the Elite 11 in Oakland recently.



The boys out at Evergreen High School have been putting in time with Air One too and here bottom right you will see Sophomore Brandon Bea who will lead the Plainsmen this season; a kid with huge size and strength and all the upside in the world. Next to him is Justice Murphy who just committed to Utah (Blue shirt) and left of him is Kobey Eaton who is another collegiate level recruit- A great group from top to bottom here.




John Charles has always worked with the young kids and there is almost not a school who has their youth guys working with Air One at some level. Also seen here is Top recruit Jonathan Boland who had several games over 400 yards last season and will be back on track this season for the Bronco’s!


Check out all the camps, clinics, private workouts, and 7 on 7 action that Air One is offering right here!

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