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2015 Prospects

Top Running Backs From The RDAF Camp

Top Running Backs From The RDAF Camp

Session 1 at the RDAF Football Showcase had so many great linemen that we had to cover them in two articles last week at Northwest Prep Report.  You can catch Part 1 – Offensive Linemen here.  Follow that up with Part 2- Defensive Linemen here.  Now make sure to share these stories with your Football families as the NW Football Voice is louder then ever and NWPR has become the blow torch college coaches tune in to daily.

Moving on to Session 2 our staff was in the house to cover the Running Backs, Linebackers and Tight Ends.  It took some careful thought and analysis as this was a mixed bunch and talent was deep in most of the drills.  After reviewing our notes, photos, and film we have a list of the most noteworthy athletes we liked- again this is just a mere few of those in attendance; all of whom worked hard enough to gain some attention.  In a 3 Part break down of Session 2 we begin with a look at the Running Backs!

Top Running Backs @ RDAF Football Showcase 2015



Conner Weddington

No one has a finer Back then Conner Wedington. The 2017 RB/ATH from Sumner HS (WA) is 5’11”-and 190 lbs and is pure speed and moves. He will project to the Pac 12 as an RB or Safety / OLB and has juke moves to leave even the best Linebackers humbled! Catch His Film!


Brennan Barberich

Another 2017 stud to follow is seasoned talent Brennan Barberich – 5’11”- 205 lbs from Walla Walla High School. A Freakishly strong and talented kid this guy has speed and power. At the point of impact he has proven he has the strength to shred tacklers and speed to break off TD’s and more. We love this kid on both sides of the ball! Catch his film!


Dexter Carter

Dexter Carter (5’9″- 171 lbs) of Glacier Peak High School (WA) is a 2016 graduate and had a great day at Camp. We have seen him before and there is a lot to like with this guy- he should have offers and a big 2015 season! Watch His Film from Summer Camp- Impressive!


Frederick Douglas

Frederick  Cooper was a surprise on the day. He carried himself like a pro, was a leader all day, and showed the ability to be the fastest and best athlete there at Camp. A new comer and a 2017 Graduate this O’Dea (WA) transplant is going to wow fans this year and we will be supporting him all the way! An X Factor guy!


Trey Woods North Bend

Trey Woods (2017) of North Bend HDS in Coos Bay, Oregon made the 9 hour drive to get to camp and he showed out! He is still raw but at 6’3″- 190 lbs he can MOVE! He is silky and yet has a nice explosion when he needs it. Here is his film- maybe a slot, WR or OLB or Safety but the kid can play and says he had 1250 yards last season roughly!


Aki Howell Everett High Football

Aki Howell is 5’9″- 170 lbs and plays for Everett High School (WA). He had a great day and impressed us- he is a 2016 Grad and his film right here shows a myriad of moves!


Damani Watkins

Damani Watkins (2016) from Bothell HS (WA) is 5’10” and 190 lbs. He had a great 2014 season and led the Blue Train to a State Title on the ground. A real threat in the open- a slasher! Watch his film here.


Jessie Beringer

Jessie Beringer of Bellevue (WA) plays both ways and at 200 lbs and fast is going to be a real force this season! He had a great day at Camp! Watch his film here.


John Lesser

John Lesser of Liberty Christian (WA – 1B) came onto the scene scoring with 2 seconds left last year at the Tacoma Dome and scored to beat Neah bay and give his team the State Title. He had a nice camp and the 2016 grad with the 3.8 GPA is likely going to play in college! See his film here!


BVrian Brown Kentridge

The last guy in this bunch of stand outs was Brian Brown. The Kentridge Charger is 6’0″ and 190 lbs and plays RB, Wildvcat QB, and SS and at times looked brilliant at Camp. Good film from last season- We think early game film gets him some real looks in 2015! Here is his Film!




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  1. April

    July 16, 2015 at 12:53 am

    F. Douglas? Really? I hope there is an apology for this young man. His last name is Cooper!

    • Dirk Knudsen

      July 16, 2015 at 3:25 am

      I was given a bad roster – thanks for catching that. I hope you understand we dont get paid to do this and it takes hours every day- I\’m going to miss a name now and then but I have never missed on talent and he has it. I\’ll make sure he gets my apology personally- you were the 2nd person to point it out.

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