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Top Backs in Oregon and Washington Without Major Offers in 2011

Top Backs in Oregon and Washington Without Major Offers in 2011

This is the time of the year every season that our phones begin to ring.  College coaches from all around the Country start calling to try and fill a specific need or two that they have left.  Some have 1 offer left and some have 4 or 5.  This is when the hard work pays off.  And why we work so hard to see kids play,  review film, and stay up on which players have earned the right to be named among the best.

It has been a hot recruitining year in the Pacific Northwest.  This was a year that we saw more early offers then any other year.  And that means not that many offers are coming late in the year; at least not yet.  In an attempt to help the process along here are a few of the athletes that every college should be aware of who as of now appear to be looking for their first shot.

Most of these athletes have some great options to move on to JC, Division 2 and 3.  But we feel they are able to play at the higest Divisions.

ELITE Senior RB PROSPECT LIST: Not Currently Holding Full Scholarship Offers

Name Ht-Wt- Position Notes
Trevor Westover 6’0″”, 195 Pounds Thurston HS;  RB/DB Trevor has been dynamic all year playing 3 or 4 positions.  He has had several games early in the year and may hit the 2.000 yard mark.  Very athletic and totally prepared to move on to at least the Big Sky level. A pure athlete that can play both ways.  He has 1200 rushing and half again that receiving and he starts both ways.
JJ Fisher 5’11”, 190 Pounds LaSalle Prep; RB/DB JJ is a known entity that is tearing up the 4A division again this year.  He has above average speed, is very shifty, and at 190 is know running people over.  He too is a Big Sky Athlete or could help any school at that level.  Could play Slot, TB, or DB. 1,200 plus yards rushing and 14 TD’s and he starts both ways too.
Brady Watts 6’1 200 Pounds Tualatin;RB/LB Brady will never stop.  With his 3.85 GPA he can go anywhere he wants.  He is a terrific FB but as a LB he could be very special indeed.
Brendon Hansen 6’1″, 215 Pounds West Salem; RB/LB Hansen has terrific speed and a skill set that could take him to the highest level.   He will play college ball; any school still looking to fill a need should look closer.
LJ Sly-Cain 6’0″, 205 Pounds Grant High, RB/ATH We love LJ.  He will likely be a JC player but any D-1 School wrth their salt better be in touch because we expect him to light it up at the next level.  He has a 39-40″ vert and a 4.4 40.  He has not amassed his yards yet but us being used all over the field.  He is a top recruit in our book.
Hayward Demison 6’1″, 197 Pounds Central Catholic; RB Hayward has displayed amazing strength and resilience.  He looks great carryibng the ball and should be closely looked at.
Mason Finnerty 6’1″, 185 Pounds West Linn; RB/Slot Mason has proven himself this year over and over.  He has D-1 quickness and hops and is as shifty as they come.  He has been a huge part of the success at West Linn this year.
Isaiah Jones 5’8″, 180 Pounds Roosevelt; TB Jones coach calls him the most under rated RB in the Region.  The Rough Riders are rolling and heading to the playoffs so if you want to see a legit 4.4 speedster work come see Jones in the next few weeks.  he has 1400 yards on the ground and is averaging 8 Yds per carry,
Denzel Mobley 5’11”, 195 Pounds South Medford; TB Mobley is just spectacular.  An Old school work horse back he is at 800 yards roughly and is averaging 7 yards per strike.  He is the Thunder in the Panthers attack which has them at 8-0 going into next week against power house Sheldon.
                      WASHINGTON TOP Senior Backs Without D-1 – D-1AA Offers
Danny Welstad 6’4″, 220 Pounds Peninsula RB What is going to take?  1,800 Yards Rusing through 8 Games.  25 TD’s.  And he is one hell of a Linebacker too.  Here is a guy that could help your team in so many ways.  You take him as an athlete.  Another Honors student.  He is amazing.  D-1 Talent all the way!
DJ May 5’11”, 185 Pounds Federal Way, RB The fastest guy out of 500 at Nike SPARQ Event.  He ran a true 4.4 Laser.  He is tearing it up as expected but if he does not make it as a RB he will go as high or higher as a DB.  He can be a very good collegiate player; leads his team that is 8-0
Levonte Littlejohn 5’11”, 185 Pounds Lakes Levonte had a 2100 yard Junior year and he may be splitting reps with some other backs so far this year he is still the man.  He is a great looking player; durable, powerful, and once he gets moving you will only see Smoke.
Charles Hall 5’11”, 198 Pounds Lakes Now he is such a Powerful Back he is getting some reps and big yards for the Lancers.  He is likely a D-1 safety but my goodness his agressive style and ability to finish his runs and break tackles would make any college stoked.
Emmanuel Thompkins 6’1″, 210 Pounds Lincoln, RB Thompkins is averaging 10 yards a carry and is at the 1350 yard mark and has missed at least one game.  He is big, raw, and can run the rock.  He is a true talent.
Jordan Downing  6’0″, 205 Pounds Chiawana, RB  He is battle tested and over the 1000 yard mark again.  The Senior is a leader and a winner.  Period.  Speed, Size, Grades, and the football mentality is all there.
Parker Henry 5’11”, 195 Pounds Skyview, RB Parker is at about 1200 yards and is averaging 11 yards per carry.  A workhorse.  he has proven himself size and speed wise and is a special two way player.
Trevon Harris 5’10”, 178 Pounds Eisenhower, RB Trevon is a power back.  If you give him a seam he is gone.  Great quick burst runner,  We love him as a TB or Slot.
Brandon Brody Heim 5’11”, 205 Pounds Union, RB Brody Heim is a BEAST.  118 SPARQ Rating.  He is so good at all the positions he plays.  Probably a true D-1 Safety but honestly he has that power and speed you want in an elite RB out of a Power set.
Victor Korchemniy 5’11”, 190 Pounds Auburn Mountain View, RB Victor is an amazing athlete.  He will grind out yards and just put 175 on Lakes which is the most any one back has done this year.  A solid Sprinter who is in the 11 Sec 100 M club.  He is a  Big Sky level talent.
Rondie Pate 6’1″, 185 Pounds Mt. Tahoma, ATH Pate is an interesting prospect.  He is right at 1,000 yards rushing but is used as a receiver too.  He is avg. 12.5 yards per carry.  This guy may go the JC route and end up somewhere very big indeed.  Watch His Film!

Now We have a lot more athletes on our 2012 Watch Lists and there are more college level runing backs on these lists too.  This is the group of athletes we have seen, have watched, and can State for the Record are at the level they need to be for a D-1 college or University to invest time looking closer.

Oregon Complete 2012 watch List is here.

Washington Complete 2012 Watch List is here.


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