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Trevor Westover of Thurston High Goes For 540 Yards In Game

Trevor Westover of Thurston High Goes For 540 Yards In Game

September 12, 2011

Dirk Knudsen Editor

Two teams.  One field. One Friday.  It seemed like a perfect Friday Night as two very talented squads strapped it on and got ready to go.  There was an electirc atmosphere and everyone felt it but no one could have ppredicted what was going to happen next.  By games end with nothing left to give the Thurston Colts and the South Salem Saxons walked off exhausted.  In their wake was 1,400 yards of offense and one heck of a ball game.

The Colt’s won this wild affair 64-59 in front of a sell out Saxon crowd.  The offensive battle set records no doubt and it is hard to say anyone has seen a more dramatic game.  Fans delighted in a total of 18 touchdowns and 123 points being posted overheating the circuits in the scorboard.

After South Salem took the lead with two minutes to play, the visiting Colts responded with the game’s final touchdown with 18 seconds for a wild 64-59 victory.

All American Maximo Espitia Jr. led the Saxons in every way possible.  Junior rushed for five touchdowns and threw for three more. All together he amassed 390 yards of offense from scrimmage.

The Colts rode the legs and hands of amazing athlete Senior Trevor Westover.

Incredibly Westover ran for 277 yards on the ground and brought in 190 yards through the air.  By games end Westover would have 540 yards of total offense which included 4 Kick Returns for 88 yards.  That remains one of the all time great performances in Oregon big school history.

“I knew it was adding up but when I came off the field towards the end of the game one of the coaches asked me if I realized what I had done,” said Westover.  “It has not really sunken in yet but it really was a special night.”

Boy was it.  This is a game we would love to watch back and in a day or two we will get highlight footage of the slug-fest.

For now Espitia and his Saxons will relish in the fact that they gave it all and laid down one of the greatest efforts of all time.

“I’ve never been a part of something like this,” Espitia told the Statesmen Journal. “It was a great experience. I thought I was going to make it. but I just got pushed out there at the end.”

In fact Junior and his boys almost pulled out the Miracle win with a crazy Hook and Ladder type play.   From their 34 Yard line with 18 seconds left Espitia hit David Mason for a short pass.  Mason lateralled to jake Dufault who then threw back to Espitia on another lateral.

Up the field went the 6’3″ 215 pound star looking for the win.  With a wall of Saxons in front of him the footrace was on and he hurdled two opponents and almost cleared when he was knocked out of bounds on the 22 yard line.

Westover made the difference and at 6’1″ and 195 pounds should be a top recruit as a pure athlete.  His 4.5 40 speed and incredible leaping ability make him a threat from anywhere on the field.

“He is special.  He really is and it is his ability to go vertical, change direction instantly, and his explosiveness that make him so tough to stop,” said Colt’s Head Coach Justin Stark who feels Trevor is way under the radar.

Westover tells us, “Portland State seems interested.  But I am also hearing more and more from the Idaho Schools and the Montana Schools.  I just want a shot and I know I can play Division 1 ball on Offense or Defense.”

Trevor credits the stout play of his line and of QB Chad Olson who posted 472 yards and 4 TD’s in the air and he ran one in as well.

“He is an amazing athlete that any one would be lucky to have as a team mate.”

Time will tell if this type of game will be repeated but boy was it one for the ages.  Westover plans to dig in and just play one game at a time.

“Every game has to be a statement for me.  I am dedicated to winning and to getting to college; and to helping our team win,” concluded Westover.

This is not a freak effort.  These guys have scored like this before but play in a very tough conference where teams like Sheldon and South Medford await.    Westover and Espitia are at the top of the propect watch list so we will keep you all updated on their progress.


Editors Note:  Chris Ames who maintains a statistical database says this is one of the greatest single game performances he has seen in the years he has been tracking stats.  Westover has 751 yards of offense in two games and is leading the Pacific Northwest in that Category.



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