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Washington Class of 2013 Top Defensive Linemen Listed is wrapping up our look at the Best of the Class 2013 with the Defense. Each of the next three days we will release one of the groups starting with the linemen. This years group of defensive linemen is once again loaded with talent. Could these boys rival the group of defensive linemen that passed through the Friday Night Lights in the 2011 season?

Washington Class of 2013 Top Defensive Linemen Listed
 is wrapping up our look at the Best of the Class 2013 with the Defense.  Each of the next three days we will release one of the groups starting with the linemen.  This years group of defensive linemen is once again loaded with talent.  Could these boys rival the group of defensive linemen that passed through the Friday Night Lights in the 2011 season?

Boy it sure looks like it.  Here then is the Best Defensive Linemen Of  the Class of 2013: Pre-season.  Keeping with our promise of not ranking kids in any specfic order we bring to you these top notch candidates in no real order.  After watching all of them and reviewing film we are comfortable that this group of young men represent the best  of the Evergreen State.

Thanks to all of you that submitted candidates and a special thanks to the many High School Coaches who have reached out to our editor with athletes they feel deserved mentions.  Submit any additional candidates to us at or simply call 503-799-8383.  


Top Defensive Linemen 2013 Here are the top performers from last year who we have watched film of and seen play.  They have the size, the speed, and the proven track record to move on to the next level.  This is by no means a final list.  We will update this monthly and welcome your submissions if we overlooked anyone.  This is only partly about the stats…please keep that in mind as we view this through the eyes of our trained recruiting staff in terms of how these athletes project; the same method collegiate coaches use.
Andrew Basham, Lynnwood, 6'5", 295  Pounds;  DT

A big strong kid who clearly belongs in the discussion with the State's best.  His film shows that he needs work on pad lavel and overall mechanics but with hsi staff at Lynnwood he will fix that and should be a big prospect this Spring.

Titus Makasini, Inglemoor, 6'5", 270 Pounds; DT

No Film

Kingco Linemen of the Year earned him respect and credibility.  Those that have played against his comment as to his physical nature.  He is a very legitimate talent who needs to get in front of college coaches at Summer camps (They all do) but that is bound to happen.

Jaimie Bryant, Tumwater, 6'6", 285 Pounds, DT

He had a real great soph year and progressed some last season.  An agile big kid who can do whatever he wants.  This is his year and offseason to shine.  A aerious commitment to weight room and SAQ means success for him.  But we like his chances!

Joe Douglas, Hanford, 6'4", 245 pounds, DE

Big Joe is a do it all two way star that bounces between Full back and center / guard and is one hell of a run force on the D'line.  A pure athlete that has not even begun to touch his ceiling.  We love him and think some teams are more then well aware of this guy and his talents.

Darien Freeman, 5'10", 290 Pounds, Bellevue

No Film Yet

Freeman is a Beast.  One of the toughest guys to stop in the region.  The Bellevue staff say that a closer examination of his film will lead to offers.  He is that good inside at Nose-DT and his demeanor and strength are enough to compensate for his shorter stature.  One guy to watch for any team.

Nick Santa, 6'3", 220 Pounds, Bellevue

What more can we say about Nick.  HUGE MOTOR, always around the football.  Plays much bigger then he is.  He will only get better and bigger.  Should ebd up at DE, MLB, Quick Guard, FB.  It is mind boggling what this Bellevue stud brings to the fray!


Bryan Carter, 6'4", 230 Pounds, O'Dea

Big man up front and a hard charger too.  He is going to be one to watch as O'Dea gst cranked up again this season.  Long arms, great get off, and he is a big motor guy.  He is truly one of the best prospects out there.

Chase Madsen, Bothell, 6'4", 273 Pounds

Some of the best film we have reviewed.    He looks lean and super agile in his frame.  A two way player he will be a perfect kid for a big time school to pack 25 to 30 pounds of muscle on.  He is below the radar we feel but that won't last.  Great kid.

Kyle Self, 6'4", 210 Pounds, Peninsula

He can play DE and OLB and is only going to get bigger.  He belongs with the best for considerations.

Nick Aumua, 6'3", 245, Auburn Mountainview

Great off the edge, a superb get off, and such a natural kid with physical strength too.  Can be an O linemen but as a D'end he can be special and is attracting major attention.  Great young man too.

William Lopez, Skyview, 6'4", 265, DE-DT

Skyview Big Man who is getting better and adding size.  Look for him to continue to rsie and gain notoriety as one of the star up front on a top rated 2013 team.

Dylan Lindsey, Bothell, 6'3", 290 Pounds

Dylan and his team mates Chase will be a terrible twosome to face.  Comes back to the D'line very experienced and ready to roll.  Such a powerful kid and tough athlete.

Desmond Thompson, Kennedy,  6'7", 280 Pounds DE-DT The big man is so athletic.  He projects better at OL but has to be in the discussion as a strong side DE as he uses his size and agression to set the edge and create problems for any Offensive Tackle.
Zach Wallace, Skyview, 6'3", 300 Pounds; DT Wallace is a good Offensive linemen but that frame looks like a big time nose guard or DT.  Zach is athletic and has decent pad level.  He is also agressive and we think would make one heck of an Defensive Player in college.
Chris Miedema,  Everett, 6'5", 280, DT

We saw Chris last year.  Much like the rest of these guys he simply has it.  Size.  Good agression.  He has things to work on like they all do but is capable of a whole lot of great things in the near future.  

Dallas Hayes, 6'2", 290 pounds, Tahoma High School,

Wow this is a guy that was built to play center or nose.  Still pretty raw but we loved the way he stuffed the run on defense and how quick he gets off on offense.  This is a talented kid on the rise right here.

Langston Ward, 6'3", 240 yards,  Mead

Over 50 tackles, 5 sacks, and a hunger for QB's.  This is a kid who may wreak havoc this year as teams get preoccupied with his team mate Danny Mattingly.

Sebastian Mikaele, 6'2", 240, Timberline

Big powerful kids who we need mroe film on but have him down on our collegiate watch lists.

Jeremy Ruef, 6'3", 250 Pounds, Bothell

Another member of the Blue Train getting ready to roll.  Big fast kid and he loves to hit.  A DE or DT at the next level if he continues on his current path.

Robert Koch, 6'3", 230 Pounds, West Valley

Waiting On Film

Frist Team All GSHL D Line.  A Tough Kid who we are tracking through the Spring.


Colter Clinch, 6'3", 225, Woodinville

Another tough Woodinville kid who really earned his way last season as a tough physical linemen up front.  He should be able to parlay that this season and have a great 2012!

Matt Cox, 6'6", 240 pounds, Capital HS,

First team athlete from Olympia.  A really nice big frame and he moves well too.  His film is really nice and he is going to be a guy we follow as the season gets going!

Kyle O'Donnell, 6'3", 250 Pounds, Stanwood

Tough nosed athlete with a really nice frame for being down inside the trenches.  Seems to enjoy grinding it out down inside.

WashingtonPreps and NWPR is now going to fire up the Northwest Sports Machine system and send the info on these young men off, Free of Charge, to 1300 Head Coaches at every single program in America!  That is what we do and it is the least we can offer to them for all their hard work!

I am the Founder of the Northwest Prep Report. For 17 years I have led the way to the best of my ability to promote the best talent from the Pacific NW free of charge. It is my pleasure to continue to serve High School athletes from all over the Pacific NW and beyond. Formerly with my sites have now crossed over 8,000 stories, 7 MILLION Video Views, and 15,000 regular followers. Together with the best football people in the USA we pursue excellence for our NW athletes.

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  1. James Lindsey

    March 13, 2012 at 10:25 pm

    I think you have over looked Dylan Lindsey becasue unlike his fellow team mates, he actually played both ways last year.

    • Dirk Knudsen

      March 13, 2012 at 11:57 pm

      Your sure right I did James! He was supposed to be copied down from O line list! Thanks for the Catch and for the help!

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