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Washington Represented Well At US Army All American Combine

We have published a lot about the big game coming up this Saturday in San Antonio. The US Army All American Game is set to get rolling this Saturday morning on National TV. But how did the kids representing the great Northwest make it there to start with?

Washington Represented Well At US Army All American Combine

We have published a lot about the big game coming up this Saturday in San Antonio.   The US Army All American Game is set to get rolling this Saturday morning on National TV.    But how did the kids representing the great Northwest make it there to start with?   

We are often asked "How can I get invited to the game"?   The answer to that question has many aspects.

For starters you have to be physically at the very top of the scale for your position.  That means size and in todays world that is usually super sized.  God decides that one usually.

Now paired with great size is typically a potent combination of speed and athletic ability.  Most of the guys playing for the West or the East squads are athletes in their community known for their accomplishments and many of them would be considered the best player in the History of their High School.   You know the guy I am talking about.

Then there is the statistical ranking.  You have to produce on the field.   That might mean passing yards or tackles or sacks or pancake blocks.  It could be anything but rest assured all the boys selected to play are very very good.  That has to be backed up and verified by the players film from his Junior year and some can be from his Senior season.    Add that to a terrific resume and solid transcript in the classroom and you have a good shot.

Then there is the exposure piece.  Getting to a few select high profile events can help.   It is not a pre-requisite by any means but making a marquis event like the Army National Combine when you are a Junior can really help in that regard.  This is one of the only Combines we can recommend as the exposure is unprecedented and the management team fully credentialed.

So every year we are asked by the management team at the US Army All American Bowl to identify players we would nominate for the game and the combine.  So we do this after careful consideration.  We are not making decisions just asked to provide recommendations.

This season a terrific group of young men have made their way down to the Combine which happens over the next 36 hours from right now and is a precursor to the game.  Every major Media outlet in the Collegiate recruiting world is at this event.    And they will get their chance to see many of the best from this region.

Here is a preview of the guys who made it down to the events.  They are all 2014 Guys!

Devante Downs 980

Devante Downs- RB- Mountlake Terrace

6'3"- 228 Pounds RB

Devante is being featured at this event and has offers from Washington, Utah, and ASU.  He should be the biggest back there at the event and has the chance to show that his speed is top notch.  One look at his Hudl film and coaches immediately want to know more.  We caught up to him today and he says he is ready and that he was able to generate several great media contacts today.


E'lon Mack of Heritage High School is a 2014 Grad and college recruit

E'lon Mack- 6'1"- 170 Wide Receiver

Heritage High School Vancouver, WA

Elon was one of the best receivers in the State of Washington and the region last season.  He has great top end speed, seperates well, and should showcase excellent hands!  He has over 1,000 yards in 2012.

"This is a big stage here.  I am seeing a lot of talent here today and am just excited to see how I do here.   I found a new inner confidence being around these guys and my motto is "never give up or never go back on your word".  That will help me do good down here I feel."

A Top Prospect for any school to recruit! 


Mack Hopkins 405

Mack Hopkins- 6'4"- 295 Pounds Offensive Linemen

Connell HS- Washington

Big Mack was a kid we watched as a 10th grader.  He helped his Squad win a State title and he is gaining attention as he grows and gains ability.  He has teh size and the footwork to be a D-1AA or higher player.  Getting his chance to be seen at this event is a game changer for him.

"This is really life changing.  I have never been to a football event let alone one like this.  I see what is out here and the level of talent and I am so honored to be here with these guys,  Being from a small farm town this is going to help me show what I can do.   I am here with my basketball coach.  This is just amazing."

His town is less then 2000 people.  No matter.  Mack has big time potential.

Watch him work right here.

caleb lyons

Caleb Lyons – 5'9"- 170 pounds Athlete

Lakes High School – Washington

Caleb is a pure athlete where speed and agility is the name of the game.  As a Junior he was moved all over the Field for the Lakes Lancers and he excelled.  He had almost 1200 all purpose yards and is travelling to San Antonio with his Air Force Father – Sean Lyons.

Caleb is looking forward to a great event and is one guy that will no doubt absorb ever ounce of knowledge there is to be had.  He loves competition and this event is one he can shine at.

Watch Caleb Work in 2012 Right Here

Isaiah Brandt-Sims 980

Isaiah Brandt Sims 6'0"- 180 Pounds RB-WR

Wenatchee High School – Washington

One of the fastest kids anywhere in the Nation.  he won the 100 and 200 Meters in the State of Washington when he was a Frosh and he has never looked back.  An elite athlete with offers in hand he can really move up the ranks this week.  He is a top 5 Recruit in the region and we expect the sky to be the limit.

SMU and Wyoming have offered him and the Pac 12 schools are close.

A full interview with Isaiah is coming soon. 

Watch him tear it up in 2012 here

Drew Lewis Eastlake High

Drew Lewis- 6'3"- 195 Pounds RB- Safety

Eastlake High School – Washington

Last season he rose to prominence on both sides of the ball.  He had almost 1000 yards rushing on the offensive side of the ball and tore it up on the defensive side.  His speed is excelletn for a big man and he has a very High football IQ.  His brother Ryan is at Pitt and he is playing as a Freshmen in the Bowl Game this weekend.  His dad made the trip to Texas with him and his Mom is out at the Bowl Game with brother Ryan.

Drew will get us a full report.  The event is a big chance for him to show his size and speed.  He holds an offer from Pitt and should he go there he would be following his Brother and his Dad!  His father moved on and played in the NFL as well.  This kid has a great stride and can flat out play!

Watch Drew Getting It Done in 2012

Zach Eagle – 5'9"- 170 Pounds Athlete / WR

Zach Eagle 2013

Zach was terrific this season at Camas helping to lead his team to the State Semi Final the first year they moved up to the 4A.   He has incredible hands, great speed, and a football IQ that is off the charts.  Being a Coaches son your whole life will do that.

over 1400 yards receiving in 2012!

This event is his shot to show what he can bring to the table and that folks is quite a lot.


Watch Zach's Film right here

reilly hennessy

Reilley Hennessey- QB-  6'3"- 185 Pounds

Camas High School- Washington

Class of 2014 Top 1-2 QB's in the Region.    Reilley was right at the 3,000 yard mark the last stats we had on him.  He has been very well preened for the life of a Top QB and his footwork and arm strength are top tier.  Being from a QB stronghold like Washington (Max Browne #1 this year) Reilley knows what he needs to do to stand out.  

This trip is going to give him a great shot at seeing how he fits among the nations best and to show the Coaches and analysts in the house how well he can spin that ball.  

Catch an Interview with Reilley right here

Asan Neil Evergin Action

Asan Neil-Evergin  Running Back – 5'9"-170 Pounds

Timberline High School

Catch the full story we did on Asan right here-

The kid is on his way!

Jess Krahn

Jess Krahn- 6'4"- 210 Pounds QB

Hockinson High School

Big Jess Krahn has a really powerful arm.  He has worked hard in the offseason last Spring to improve and now he is ready to take the next step.  He threw for right at 2,000 yards last year and is doing some great things out there on the Grid Iron.

Catch Jess Here in His 2012 Campaign!

Join us all Year here at NWPR and at where will document the progress of these guys and a all fo the kids in the State of Washington Making their way into the Prep Football Recruiting Ranks.


I am the Founder of the Northwest Prep Report. For 17 years I have led the way to the best of my ability to promote the best talent from the Pacific NW free of charge. It is my pleasure to continue to serve High School athletes from all over the Pacific NW and beyond. Formerly with my sites have now crossed over 8,000 stories, 7 MILLION Video Views, and 15,000 regular followers. Together with the best football people in the USA we pursue excellence for our NW athletes.

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